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What was $5000 (USD) worth in 1960, comparable to today?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) March 30th, 2008

Does anyone know? Or even better, of a way to calculate it?

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$5000 in 1960 is worth about $35,700 today.

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Curse you johnpowell and your remarkably quick fingers!

: )

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At least you included the answer.

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That’s awesome guys, thanks. Do you know of any for other currencies such as the GB£? (More out of interest than anything else.)

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Google Consumer Price Index Calculator with the currency and that should help.

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Thanks again.

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(Off topic: that animation on the Bank of England site is pretty random.)

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about two new cadillacs

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Well, a person or two could live on it…. but back then there weren’t any credit cards
and it wasn’t considered loserish to own almost nothing.

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convert dollars in 1805 to 2009

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