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What is your favorite animal?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4843points) October 2nd, 2010

Any animal or plant…. or just anything that qualifies as a living thing. Why is it your favorite? Do you have many favorites? Do you frequently change to liking another animal more?

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My favorite plant is the daisy. It’s such a simple flower. My favorite animal is the polar bear. I always forget how huge an animal it is and it always amazes me.

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And orchids.

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Cats. They are so sexy… I mean cute. Yeah, that is what I meant. Ahem….

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My favorite animal is the wolf because they’re so majestic and beautiful. They know teamwork and they know their place unlike most people. And their howls late in the night are so amazing each one telling a story that I can’t understand but I can feel in my heart.

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I love elephants and my dog!!

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I love pandas, but a little kitten is about as cute as it gets. My favourite plant would be the oak tree, for some reason I really like acorns. On the other hand I think all spiders should be wiped off the planet. I hate them.

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My wife, especially at bedtime…........Grrrrrrrrrr!!! :¬)

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I always admired pill bugs most of all. They roll into a perfect hard-shelled ball. And they’re not bugs, they’re actually closer to a kind of shrimp, though I’ll forego making appetizers out of them.

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WOLF!!! And Lions…And Tigers…..And dogs and Cats….And…...Did I say wolves already? But yes WOLVES!!!! But the reason…..I’ve always loved them since I was like 2. But I really admire them for their Beauty and elegance, along with physical looks and appearance. I just love everything about them!

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I have many favourites and I wouldn’t dream of picking just one.
My favourite plants are ones that have edible parts.

@MarthaStewart those pill bugs, we call them woodlice here. They’re like little armadillos. Have you ever seen this one ?

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Wow, no! That one reminds me of a horseshoe crab.

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@lemming I take it you love flies…..No?

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@MarthaStewart are you really Martha Stewart.

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I love my geese and cats the most, and my bamboos and wild exotic grasses and morning glories are one of my fav. flowers. I love vines of all kinds.

I also love horses but don’t want the work of keeping one anymore.

Today an old lover came up for the day, we have not been together for the past 5 years and my gander Marwyn always goes nuts when he comes to visit.

He loved this guy!

Follows him everywhere, shrieks when he sees him. They enjoyed some bread and water on the deck, haha. Male bonding, my friend calls him ’ my short little son.’ lolol

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Thompson’s gazelle and tomato plant XD

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My dog was my favorite animal, no other animal even comes close….boy I miss her!

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I have an emotional connection to birds of prey – particularly small breeds of falcon, such as the Merlin. Someday when I’m independently wealthy, I hope to take up falconry, and rescue and rehabilitate these beautiful animals.

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Sea Otter. I want to be a sea otter!

Well, some of the time

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My fellow chambered nautiluses are all awesome, as are the rest of the cepholapod family. But Spoony THE Cat is my number one love, and platypuses come in a close second.

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Rabbits, ravens and owls are my favourite. Couldn’t really say why, I just find them fascinating, majestic and inspiring.

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No shadow of a doubt, dogs are and have always been my favourite animal.

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I love Ravens and Owls too, but, I think it’s a stretch to call a rabbit ‘majestic.’ hahahahaha

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It isn’t if you like Watership Down lol.

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Yeah…good book! Read it when I was about 15. Many moons ago. ;-)

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@Coloma Ever read that one WD book about their legendary hero, Hiellarerah or however you spell it? It’s great too. :)

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I like cattle. We get ice cream and cheese via dairy cows, and great steaks from steers.

Of course, other than food products, I have to deal with a lot of bullshit at work, too, so my job seems to depend on these fine (and tasty!) animals.

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I think I would like a fox.

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Well, I don’t really know what foxes are like. They LOOK cool, like a cross between a dog and a cat. They’re beautiful and smart, but…are they prone to viciousness? I don’t know. If I “had” one it would most definitely be a wild one who would come and go as he or she pleased.

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I LIKE sassy! I’d really prefer an animal for a “pet,” who was wild, and chose to be friends with me, and come and visit me on occasion. Of course, I’m dreaming of country living too. Oh, I hope we get that house!! Maybe we can get some pet deer! (Not likely, with the damn redneck dogs around….)

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Well, our spaniel, Dutchess barks too much, but Dakota, our German Shepherd doesn’t. However, I think Dakota has some serious wild animal in her when it comes to squirrels and deer and stuff. She’s very gentle, but I honestly don’t like to think of what she would do if she ever really got hold of a squirrel. I have no idea what she’d do if a deer showed up….

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I had a huge Coonhound once, he was THE loudest dog EVER!

The Piano would vibrate and pictures would go crooked on the wall when that dog howled.

When he was out riding around with me he liked to howl at people out the car window, more than one person nearly had a seizure when he went off. It was rather funny!

Definitley NOT city dogs!


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LOL! One night while we were sleeping, I heard this terrible racket and terrible screaming from under our bedroom window. My husband and I jumped up and discovered that the cat had caught a rabbit, and the rabbit was the one screaming. He runs outside in his underwear and starts beating the cat over the head with a flashlight! Robin’s yelling and cussing and half nekkid, the cat’s growling, the rabbit is screaming, I’m crying….after it was all over I just started rolling with the mental picture! I could imagine the neighbors peeking out going, “Hm. Looks like the Smiths are at it again!”

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Well i have lots. Rabbits,hamsters,frogs,turtles,guinea pigs, small lizards,kittens, puppies.

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