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Do you usually only answer questions in which you have been recently given Lurve?

Asked by talljasperman (21820points) October 2nd, 2010

My activity for you is too large… and I never always know when someone is @talljasperman ing me… So I check my recent Lurve and answer those questions first? Does anyone else do that?

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Nah, I just randomly wander through everything….

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Sorry, I don’t understand the questions. If Lurve was recently given, wouldn’t it be because you’ve already answered the question? Or do you mean you check the questions you’ve asked first?

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Nope, I just go through them on a very regular basis (like multiple times a day) so that my activity for you doesn’t have too many in it.

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Nah, I go through and answer what is left after I delete all the fluff. Recently there is way more fluff than stuff I actually feel interested enough to answer.

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I usually do go through my Activity for You first, to catch up on the threads I’m following. Sometimes I find I’m not interested anymore and stop following. When I’m looking for questions I haven’t seen yet, I usually scroll the page down under each category to see if any questions catch my eye. If I’m bored, I’ll go to the Just For You section and see what my favorite jellies have been asking. If I’m really bored, I’ll sort through my Questions for You but it seems increasingly rare that I find any of the ones I get interesting

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My approach is similar to @MissAnthrope. In the morning, I boot up my (currently frustrating) laptop. Check my recent activity to catch up on the thread movement, post any additional comments, give lurve to others. Then I’ll go through my suggested questions, ignoring some and pondering over others. The rest of the day is a bounce back between sections, activity, etc. In spite of the general dislike of the search bar, I like searching for old questions to pass time, too. It’s like I’m eavesdropping old conversations.

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@muppetish – Yeah, I like reading old questions! I wish they were easier to get to. I also wish @timtrueman hadn’t put the idea of a ‘random question’ button in my head. I really want one now!!

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Not at all, I clear my activity every day.

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@MissAnthrope :: Bookmark this.

And I know what the OP is talking about and I do the same.

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@johnpowell – ♥♥♥♥♥!!

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@Pied_Pfeffer reply to replies on answers

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Questions for You (1000 new)
Comments for You (0 new)
Activity for You (5207 new)

I never check activity. I use lurve to remind me where I have been.

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Questions stand on their own merit around here…no lurve required for me to put my 2 cents in! ;)

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@Cruiser I’m talking about finding who is talking to you… I am following 1000’s of questions… I use Lurve to find out when people are talking to me… It would be simpler if activity for you highlighted @talljasperman‘s to find who’s talking to me easier… besides someone saying something nasty about you wouldn’t give a person points…so clicking on lurve for you should be safe…

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I never ever let my Activity for You build up. It’s at 0 right now and I try to keep it that way.

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@DominicX I have over 1000 Activity for you… I tried weeding it down and I lost a piece of my life that I will never get back…

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How can you use lurve to find out who is talking to you? People often lurve me and no one says anything to me.

It might be nice to have a link every time someone mentions your name—or a list of mentions.

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My Activity for You was well over 10K. The page wouldn’t even load. Ben had to run a SQL query to delete them. That left a pretty sour taste in my mouth so now I never click the link.

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@wundayatta I lurve people who I strike up a conversation with… I would assume people would do the same… I look for lurve for you for the same reason that Johnpowell does it

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No, I’m a random checker too. If it catches my fancy in the moment, then I read it. I do like to keep it manageable though.

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@talljasperman That’s a new one on me. I lurve for really good answers.

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@MissAnthrope I didn’t suggest a random button (re-read the question to which you are referring). Personally I don’t see the point of viewing questions at random.

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No, I wonder around from question to question.

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@timtrueman :: It is a way to kill time. I don’t ever actually answer the old questions. But some of them are fun and educational to read

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Thank you for responding to my question and for the subsequent posts that have helped clarify the original questions.

The only way (at this time) to view any comments on a thread which are directed towards you are to read through the Activity for You threads. The reasons are:
* This grouping will automatically track any thread that you have posted an answer on, unless you use the Stop Following function.
* Another Jelly could direct a comment towards you without them or anyone else marking your response as a Great Answer. The fact that there is new activity on a thread you are following is the only way to check for comments directed at you.
* The Lurve tracking box only tracks GAs, GQs, being added to someone’s Fluther, and that you’ve been here for two days in a row. The correlation between Lurve points and a comment for you is minimal.
* There is no way to know who issued Lurve points.

So, like a few others have mentioned, I just log in daily and manage the account by starting off with the Activity for You section. I usually know which questions I was following for whatever reason and never responded to. If it no longer holds interest, it gets removed. It doesn’t even have to be read; just click on Stop Following.

If it is something that I responded to, it typically gets reviewed. (By the way, I love how it bookmarks where we left off reading and shows the last post read.) If there is a comment directed at me, I often respond either on the thread or via PM so that it doesn’t derail the discussion. On a rare occasion, there is no point in responding. And there is always the possibility that I drop a thread (polls are a good example) and miss something. If the person really wants to take it up with me, they’ll be in touch.

As for automatically issuing a GQ or GA for any Jellies that I’ve befriended, either by adding them to my Fluther group or communicating with via PMs, I don’t do it. There are many people on this site that I respect, but I’m not automatically issuing a Lurve mark if I don’t agree with what they have posted, and I would hope that others would do the same with mine.

Fluther is not a popularity contest. It is about helping others solve their questions and concerns. I can think of a few answers I’ve posted that ended up being way off base, and wondered “Who in the heck marked it as a GA?”, and hoped that the person who posted the question didn’t take my advice or lose sleep over it.

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How could you get started, then ?

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My activity is almost always at 0 by the end of a day. I’m a little OCD that way.

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@augustlan – I’m with you on this.. the red type and green exclamation points bother me until I clear them all. Then it’s like, aaaaaahhhhh.

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