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What to do with myself with my wife gone for the weekend?

Asked by zwingli (601points) October 2nd, 2010

My wife is gone for the weekend. I want to see what other Fluthern think I should do. So what says ye?

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If you are the same as (some) other (procrastinating) men, start doing that chore that you promised to do for months and make sure it is finished before your wife returns, and surprise her with it.

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Unfortunately, my wife doesn’t allow me to procrastinate with things like that.

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Well, then i have the perfect idea…, procrastinate the whole weekend :-)

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Well, if I were alone for the weekend, I would go to a completely erratic, whim-driven schedule of eating and sleeping: what I want, when I want, and not if I don’t. Nothing would be clock-driven or bound by negotiation, habit, or agreement.

I would also play some loud opera music. Really loud.

And I would leave the lights on in my husband’s study just to sort of feel like he’s here.

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Heck just do what ever your bad self can’t do when she is around! Get it out of your system while you can and clean up after yourself!! ;)

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I want @rebbel for a husband.
Watch anything you want on TV, football all day long if that is your pleasure.

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Have the guys over to play poker? Go play pool with a friend? Play video games all day?

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