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Any good costume ideas?

Asked by zeroearth1304 (32points) October 2nd, 2010

My school is having red ribbon week and for Friday we are supposed to wear our Halloween costume. The problem is that I don’t have a costume and all of the costumes in the stores are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!! So, do you have any ideas on a good costume I could make in 1 week? It has to be appropriate for a Catholic school, though. Here are the rules:
-shoulder must be completely covered
-skirts/pants cannot be more than 2 in. above the knee
-cannot show any cleavage
-everything that needs to be covered HAS to be covered
-if wearing shorts, must have leggings or tights under shorts
-no blood, guts, etc.
-no “weapons” [fake saws, hammers, swords, etc]
-etc., etc., etc.
Oh, and I am a girl. If you need to know more rules, I’ll do my best to tell you. Please HELP!!

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be a super hero! It’s always fun to put all kinds of odd clothing together and call it a costume. :D

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It’s so easy, it’s sick. Tan pants, tan t-shirt. White tunic, brown robe. Leather pants. Belt. Light saber optional.

If you’re a padawan, do the braid. In fact, be a padawan, so you can have the braid.

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I always enjoyed dressing up as a Marionette Puppet. I also went once dressed in a sleeping bag and was a Happy Camper of course.

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I second the marionette idea! (especially if you have long hair) i had so much fun one year making a last minute costume for my sister. I put her hair in two braids, straightened a wire hanger and put it through her braids, making them stand up. then I did some crazy make up (white face, lipstick circles on cheeks, whatever is fun and over the top) clothes were just black and red with some eccentric accessories from dance class years (tutus!!). If you could attatch string to your head and hands somehow I imagine that would be pretty cool as well, also if you have short hair you could use gel and spike it or something?? Idk just an idea….

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^ That was “leather boots”. I’m surely not recommending you wear two pairs of pants simultaneously. ^_^

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