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Mascara-wearers: Waterproof or not? and if not waterproof, then do you experience problems with the mascara running from tears, rain, etc.?

Asked by jca (35997points) October 2nd, 2010

I wear waterproof mascara, but I recently read that makeup experts don’t recommend waterproof, because it dries out the lashes (so I guess I have dry lashes). I have always worn waterproof, and I thought that regular non-waterproof would run due to tears, rain, or whatever. So please tell me, do you wear waterproof or non-waterproof? If not waterproof, do you have problems with the mascara running? Please also add to your answer what brand mascara you wear.

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I wear non-water proof daily and have never had a problem with it running, but I haven’t been caught out in the rain or cried recently to know if it runs. I wear waterproof if I know I’ll be out in the snow, skiing or if I think there may be a reason my face will get wet. I wear Covergirl Lash Blast Volume and it’s under $10.00. I have had so many compliments on my eyelashes since I started wearing it that it’s almost funny. I actually had a dermatologist ask me if I had used that stuff that makes eyelashes grow. My dentist commented on my lashes and a co-worker asked what mascara I use. I now sound like a commercial for Cover Girl.

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I hate waterproof mascara. I hate how it feels on my lashes and I hate how it’s such a bitch to remove. I only wear regular mascara. I’ve never had issues with it running if I’m outside in the rain. It does run if I cry, but if I’m crying I usually have access to tissues, which I use to wipe up the smudges.

I have two different kinds of mascara: I have the one that I use daily and I never buy the same thing twice…right now I’m using Maybelline Great Lash, and before that I used Almay one-coat as my daily; then I have the mascara that I wear when I want a more dramatic look, usually when I’m going out, and that is always Maybelline Colossal Volum’Express – it makes my lashes super long and thick with only a couple coats. But Great Lash is very good also if you want something less dramatic. A lady I work with complimented my eyelashes a few days ago saying they looked like giraffe eyelashes..aka, very long.

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Waterproof. I have always had a problem with non-waterproof flaking and wearing off before the end of the day. It did run a bit if I cried, but it also seemed to work its way down my face as the hours went by. I quickly switched to waterproof, which has made a world of difference. I have used waterproof Lash Blast like @chyna, and I currently use waterproof Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I prefer to Lash Stiletto to Lash Blast, but Lash Blast is also a great mascara. I have not noticed any eyelash dryness with either brand.

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I wear waterproof daily. Regular mascara gives me raccoon eyes.

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I don’t wear waterproof. Usually it is the eyeliner that runs or smudges under your eyes not mascara. Although mascaras do vary a lot. Definicils by Lancome won’t run, it used to be the number one seller in the world, not sure if it still holds that title. It isn’t very thickening, but it is a great every day mascara. When I want thick lashes I put Definicils first, and then a thick wetter mascara on top. I never have a problem with that. I have had bad experiences with some of the drug store brands, so I shell out the money for department store mascara.

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I used to keep both on hand, and only wore water-proof mascara for events like sad movies, funerals, swimming, and threats of rain. Both were Mabelline brands, and I never had a problem with either.

This is pure speculation, but I’ve often wondered if any dryness/damage to eyelashes comes from the fact that it takes a special chemical remover to take waterproof mascara off, in addition to the rubbing involved.

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I always wear Loreal waterproof (forgot the name of it, but it’s like $6 at Walmart). I see that Costco has a discount on Covergirl Lash Blast, and they also sell Borghese, and i know they usually don’t have waterproof available. i have never worn waterproof and have been wanting to try it but not if it’s going to cause a problem.

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I wear non-waterproof.

I’ve tried waterproof before but.. for real.. that shit just doesn’t come off. I get that’s sort of the point—but when I’m using makeup remover & it’s still not budging, there’s something wrong there.

So, non-waterproof it is.

As for it running.. unless I’m rubbing my eyes, it’s not going anywhere.

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