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How long does it take to thaw a pound of meat?

Asked by andrew (16358points) March 30th, 2008

Greater than 2 hours? And is there a particular method to thaw meat that works better?

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Depends on the shape. A thin flat pound will thaw faster than a thick chunk. Try hoisting it off the solid surface on a wire rack or something, to let the room-temp air get under it.
2 hours might be about right for a pound. Hope you’re already on it…..

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If you have a microwave that can defrost food that might help? I’m not entirely sure though…

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I’m in culinary arts, and when you want to thaw meat, the fastest way to do it is to put it in a plastic bag or container (Sealed) and run COLD water over it for as long as it takes.

If you use hot water you will be precooking the meat and it just becomes a huge problem because it is in the temperature danger zone.

So only use cold!

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@cooldil17: Best guess for how long cold water running over a pound of meat will take to thaw?

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I agree with cooldil, to either put it under cold running water or microwave. But never leave it on a counter.

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5–10 minutes? Haha im guessing, because I’m looking on certain sites right now about the same topic and everyone says “not long at all..”

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@cooldil17, do you know why cold water is better? My guess was that is warms slower but I don’t know why that would be beneficial. Wouldn’t that use an awful lot of water?

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It needs to be cold water to keep it out of the food temperature danger zone. I wouldn’t run it under water if was steak or something unless it was in a waterproof seal.

The best way is to let that over night in the fridge.

If you HAVE to microwave defrost it, make sure you cook it RIGHT AFTER.

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I just read on that you would fill the sink with enough tap water so that it covers the meat and to keep the meat in its vacuum packaging and put it into the cold water. Allow 30 minute to an hour for smaller cuts and an hour+ for larger cuts

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That’s not actually the safest way to do it. I suppose it’ll work though, I just wouldn’t do it in a restaurant.

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Thawing in the fridge overnight is the safest method. In a pinch runing the sealed meat under cold water is the proper method. The more surface area the meat has the faster it will thaw, so the time varies. Another factor to consider is freezer temperture. Some freezers more deeply freeze foods also resulting in a longer defrost time.

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@Everyone: It usually takes me about 10 minutes!

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Room temp for a frozen pound of meat should take you about an hour. Atleast when I make chili that is how long the pound takes to thaw and it is almost always shaped like a footbal that lost some air.

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I know this question may have been answered but I feel happy to announce that I asked my Culinary Arts Instructor how to thaw meat, what a stupid question right?

Her response was: In a container in a fridge which would take a while or in a container or sealed zip lock bag under running COLD water, because hot water will pre-cook it. And do not leave it to sit out because it will be in the temp. danger zone and if it is in the danger zone (41 degrees F – 141 Degrees F) than it will get toxins after a while and you can’t get toxins off of something, not even if you clean it.

So yeah, a professional response!

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Didn’t I say all that?

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Lol I was just giving the professional’s words lol

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Psh I’m a professional. hahaha

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