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Why does Word make my document read only?

Asked by weeveeship (4637points) October 2nd, 2010

I open this document to take notes in class. When the document is opened, it is not “read only.” Halfway through the class, the document suddenly becomes read only. I have no idea why it does that but it is annoying because I have to save the document under a different name and it clogs up my dropbox.

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If it’s something from a server, perhaps you don’t have server privileges. If not, maybe try saving it right off the bat so that you have something to go back to.

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You mention a dropbox. Are you not saving it on your own hard drive?

If you are, check your default settings. Maybe it’s something you can override. What do you see when you check “Tools” under “Save As”? If Read Only is checked, you can uncheck it.

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How do I check tools under save as?

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What version of Word are you using? In 2003 you choose Save As and then you see Tools in the menu bar. Pull it down, and look under Security Options for the Read Only box.

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2010, but that is very similar to 2007

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Look for Security in connection with Save As, maybe where I found it (in 2003) and maybe not, but it should be nearby.

How about my question pertaining to the drop box and your hard drive?

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I am using “Dropbox” which saves a copy on my hard drive (it’s a folder) that can be accessed via the internet

Or at least that is my understanding of it.

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Ok. I don’t know anything about that. I’d still say look for settings where you have a read-only option that can be changed.

Also is it possible that you are using different usernames to access your folder? Perhaps you don’t have read-write privileges to your own file if you sign on with a different name.

I’m out of ideas now.

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I found directions on Editing files in Dropbox. Are you are you saving files and opening your saved file correctly within dropbox?

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@BarnacleBill I now see the Edit option for a document. However, when I used it, it seemed no different from just opening the file regularly.

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I think you’ve discovered the difference.

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Any time you use a document sharing application you need to “check out” the document from the storage location, edit it, and check it back in. This allows versions of the document to be saved. It’s helpful if multiple people are reviewing and editing a document at the same time.

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