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Is it dangerous to let your limbs fall asleep?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) October 2nd, 2010

I can’t sleep anymore unless I’m on my stomach with my arms above my head. Every night I wake up at least once with one arm completely numb. I shake the life back into it and carry on.

Is it dangerous to let this happen every night? Could it just not come back to life one day?

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You risk nerve damage if your limbs fall sleep often, I think.

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No more dangerous than it is to let the rest of you go to sleep. If all goes perfectly according to plan, one morning you won’t wake up, you know. And that’s only if things go as well as you could hope for.

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My father, when awake, spends most of his time lying down propped up under his left elbow so he can watch the TV next to his bed. After doing this for a few years he can no longer extend the fingers of his left hand – instead, they are in a fixed claw-like position rendering his hand almost useless. All of the tasks that require the use of both hands are very difficult (if not impossible) for him to accomplish now on his own. I used to say to him, “Your arm must fall asleep in that position, doesn’t that feel weird?” He now wishes he had not ignored it.

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One night won’t kill you, but chronically having them fall asleep for prolonged periods of time can cause nerve and muscle damage.

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As already mentioned, yes it can cause damage. on a side note, are you fat? do you smoke?

I am 27 years old, and have been smoking since i was 18 or so. i also have a bit of a belly from working in front of the computer all day for the past 2–3 years. last year i had a similar thing. i would wake up with my left arm asleep. the way i fixed it: i got a new bed that was 1ft wider, i dropped about 10 kilos, and i went from 25 cigarettes a day to 20. i no longer get the problem.

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I had a bout of what you describe “dead man swimming” last spring and it was devastating for me. After acupuncture failed my confident chiro was definitely showing signs of defeat Then the insurance company said the acupuncture charges were unacceptable, just happens to be acceptable with the World Health Organization, I had no choice but to stop treatment. ‘Lo and behold’ it subsides on its own or has until recently, probably why I was attracted to your question.
I do know if you have a subluxation in your spine as in my case it can be troublesome.

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Eddie Money says yes.

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Thanks, all!
No, not fat, don’t smoke.

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