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What keeps Fluther going?

Asked by john65pennington (29187points) October 2nd, 2010

I enjoy Fluther and asking and answering questions. Since Fluther does not accept ads or commercials, then what keeps Fluther floating? Question: Who pays Fluthers bills?

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@john65pennington I think I see ads on here. I guess that’s what pays for it.

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There is a ton of ads if you are not logged in.

This site is loved by Google. Most of the traffic is probably from searches.

edit :: That blank box was a flash ad for the show Glee. I’m not sure why it didn’t show up.

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On top of the advertising (that only shows up if you’re not logged in), they also have some investors. Here is a story from last year. I can’t specifically recall any more recent ones, but I’m fairly sure there’s more.

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A half dozen hamsters and hamster wheels.

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Lots of ads (as already mentioned) that members don’t have to see. Which I love, btw. Also, a lot of hot air. ;)

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Compulsion? Oh you meant financially..what they said.

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@augustlan Are you saying that you guys sold a lot of hot air to your investors? XD

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Nah, I’m telling you it’s hampsters.

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@bob_ I was actually thinking of @AstroChuck‘s hot air. :p

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Fiber-optic cable.

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