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Do you ever congratulate someone on here for lurve achievement if you are not familiar with that user?

Asked by Jabe73 (4010points) October 2nd, 2010

What decides who you will congratulate when it comes to certain lurve milestones, like 10, 20 or 30k? Do you ever acknowledge someone if you rarely interact with them (such as in pm’s and topics in general). Did you ever congratulate someone you didn’t care for or whose opinions are usually different than yours? What determines this for you?

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Yes, getting an achievement is reason enough for congratulations.

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I think a lot of people show up just for the lurve that is freely distributed during the “parties.”

I usually only congratulate those I am familiar with and whose answers (while not necessarily agreeing with my own) impress me with their sincerity and relevance.

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For the smaler amounts (5k, 10k) I congratulate only people I’m familiar with. For the bigger amounts I’ll congratulate people I don’t know too. But it depends on someone posting the “question” because otherwise I will very rarely notice that the milestone has been reached.

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For 5K, I only PM those I’m familiar with. For 10K and up, everybody, cuz well hooray for them for being here enough to get there! (I don’t do it for the lurve, I just like a good party…)

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For 10K and up, I congratulate everyone, even folks I don’t necessarily get along with. I definitely don’t do it for the lurve, (most of it doesn’t count for me anymore, anyway).

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I congratulate each achievement I see. Whenever I see that someone reached 5k, I send them a PM saying congrats and I do the same for the 10K, 20K, and 30K (as well as joining the parties).

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This is my life:
I look on the 15 minutes of fame listing, and see sshole got a 10K. Hmm, I don’t remember seeing that name before. Is it male or female?
I check the meta listing to see if there is a congrats question yet.
I check their biography, and try and figure out their sex. Still unsure. I read some of their answers.
I check the congrats page. No one who has already posted has committed themselves to knowing much about this person.
Okay, need to say WTG!... I begin by typing their name.
oh, guess it’s a guy…

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Regarding whether I congratulate anyone who disagrees with me, I always do.
10k, 20k, and beyond are great achievements. Even if they argue with me at every turn (I am looking at you dpworkin), it is still worthy of a moments respect.

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I try to congratulate as many users as I can but don’t get to all. The parties don’t get me any more lurve than usual because everyone’s maxed out on me, anyhow.

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Yes, I just usually leave it at Congratulations without writing anything more personal if I have not interacted with the user a lot.

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I guess personally I am more likely to give a congratulations on 5k with only the few rare users that I pm with back and forth. For 10k or more I am more likely to acknowledge a user (even one I disagree with on most issues) just because I am somewhat familiar with them in some way rather than someone I am not familiar with.

I asked this question because I’ve noticed quite a few users that hit several milestones with lurve but I either never heard of them or we are rarely in the same topic discussions.

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I try to grats everyone, even the ones I don’t “like”.

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Yes I try to congrat people on reaching 5, 10, 20, and even 30K.

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What about 15k, I am rapidly approaching that mark. I might have to throw my own party because I don’t see that one being recognized???

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I think no one who reached 5K or higher was totally unfamiliar to me.

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