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When someone creates their own personal hell, does it follow them wherever they live?

Asked by Deja_vu (4157points) October 3rd, 2010

Where I live, I must admit can be pretty boring for some. I noticed there is no in between feelings of this place. People either love it or hated it. The people that hate it follow daily patterns or have no imaginations (In my opinion), and the people that love it are some of happiest people I have ever met.
I live in paradise. I couldn’t imagine a more peaceful beautiful place to live, that’s also very fun.
So, What I’m wondering is…. Do people create their own hell? To be in one of the most beautiful places on earth and still be completely miserable? It makes me wonder if they would be miserable wherever they go? Have they created their own person hells? That their issues are more than just the environment. Something deeper? No matter how much they complain about where they live. Maybe they live in a hell that’s inside. That’s all their own?

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In a word…yes. ;)

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sometimes people create their own hell and sometimes they are dealt a bad hand. The ones who create it tend to create it wherever they go and then complain about it. It doesn’t fallow them. They just create it whenever they move to a different place.

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Yeah, some people are just not happy people. I think they make it a “personal hell”. Some people love misery. That glass is empty not even half full. I figure not worth all the energy to be that way.

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A person can be born into a “hellish” situation (such as childhood abuse). But with supportive help from others she or he can move towards greater understanding, perhaps not forgiveness, of earlier circumstances. For the older individual who has stepped into a personal hell several paths can emerge: the person may choose to stay around others or circumstances that are pulling them into “hell” or choose to change and work very hard at shifting their life script. Easier said than done. If a person has not resolved their important “stuff” then I believe that their hell will follow them, whether they’re living in the most beautiful place in the world, or the least. It’s about choice.

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Sadly yes.

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