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What's your best, homemade, lip-smackingly-good burger recipe?

Asked by andrew (16159points) March 30th, 2008

Lay it on me Fluther. Eggs? Worcester sauce? Bleu cheese? What’s in that tasty tasty burger of yours?

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Grilled in a bit of beer and maple syrup. Seriously.

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Cook some bacon, nice and crispy, then crumble it a little and mix it into the beef. Then when making the patties add some American or any other favorite variety of cheese to the mix.

I once tried adding diced prunes, made the moistest burger I have ever had grace my palette. I’m craving one of those burgers right now. They had an almost meatloaf like flavor.

One tip for cooking the burgers is to cook the first side for 5 minutes, flip and cook for four more, and then if you add cheese leave the patty on for an extra minute. Do all of this on medium flame, not high.

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mix up the burger with powdered ranch dressing mix then grill. voila!

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A real burger should have nothing in it. Just all delicious ground meat. Always use ground chuck aka 80/20. If you can go to butcher shop see if you can get them to grind it fresh right in front of you.

When you make your patties put a tiny flat slice of butter in the inside of it. Sprinkle a little white pepper, KOSHER salt, garlic powder and onion powder.

It’s important that you seer each side to a nice brown color. This will keep all that juicy goodness inside.

Toppings are gonna make the difference in your burger. I’m not gonna give away my toppings but be creative. Think of different flavors that taste well together. Make you to use good quality ingredients.

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You can season and amend the meat any way you want, it is a matter of taste.

But the key to a great burger is to minimize the handling of the meat. When forming the patties don’t compress the meat by “slapping it from one hand to the other”. What I am trying to say is, like simone54 states, is to handle it ground meat as liitle as possible. If you could take it right from the grinder and form your patties with just a little salt and pepper and maybe some garlic salt without compressing the meat, you will get a great burger

Over-mixing the meat with all kinds of additives and over-handling it gets you something akin to broiled meat loaf, not a hamburger.


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Well said srmorgan.

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Thank you..

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mixing ground beef and oats is good and nutritious

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a marinade of whiskey, honey, and coarse black pepper

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Well, since I didn’t have much around, I ended up cooking the (bison) burgers with a smattering of garlic salt and some fresh ground pepper. Turned out fairly well. Thanks all!

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