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Why do people tan?

Asked by TennesseeTeacake (337points) March 30th, 2008

scientifically speaking. what is it about our skin and the sun that makes our skin become darker? and yet the sun bleaches out fabrics, wood, and sometimes our hair gets lighter.

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cuz they want to look hot and sexy

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i did my science fair project on the affect of UV on our skin(i went to the provincials). the UVA (or UVB, i forget) rays affect the cells that make melanin, which is the pigment in the skin that makes you darker. so the ‘capsules’ that hold the melanin burst and the melanin spills out and makes you darker.

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@mtl_zack: kind of sci fi weird to think of something basically popping in my cells and spilling but thanks for the straight forward answer. you got a great answer point from me. :-)

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I personally think anyone looks better with a tan. Tanning can also help clear your complexion as well as help with some types of depression.

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This is done as a method to miniumize damage or protect our bodies some from harmful UV rays in the future. It is correct that the melanin is the cause of the darker shade.

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Have you ever taken the melanin pills that are supposed to make you darker?

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Is there something you could do to make you lighter?

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cornman: who are you asking? i personally haven’t. my ancestors have blessed me with an olive complexion.

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Asking everyone. Sorry foe not being clear. I have thought about taking the melanin supplements. I just think darker skin is healthier and looks so much better.

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cornman: you should research them a bit to see if they have any negative effects. and they have tanning lotions too don’t forget.

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@teejay: there are pills meant for other causes that have side effects that make you lighter, but there are other side affects as well. also, ever heard of michael jackson?

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@Mtl zack: I’m not talking about Michael Jackson light. I just want to get a shade lighter than I am right now.

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I tan to keep my skin clear also my husband thinks tan lines are sexy! I don’t tan myself to death tho I get 2–4 days of actual sun ( no tanning beds) and it lasts for about a month.

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for their beauty isn’it true?
some folks think that dark color is related with health rather than
ordinary color

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cuz they want to alright

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