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How many gathered on the Washington Mall for the One Nation rally?

Asked by ETpro (34480points) October 3rd, 2010

Right after each Tea Party and Glenn Beck event, Fox “News” and their ilk broadcasted phantasmagoric crowd size estimates that doubled with each repetition. While satellite images put Beck’s crowd at 87,000—certainly a respectable number—Beck himself boasted that it was 1,600,000. He was certainly not going to be outdone (at least not in his own mind) by the likes of the Million Man March.

How different the liberal crowd. No propaganda releases about crowd size. They are actually waiting for the official estimates from satellite photos, and will just accept the truth rather than crank up their own counterpart to the vast right-wing noise machine to pump out ever inflating totals for propaganda purposes. I guess that’s why you can’t trust the liberal media. The reality based universe is so boring.

So in the absence of any wild claims, compare these slide shows of Beck’s DC Tea Party rally and the One Nation event. Here’s a whimsical article that highlights the dramatic difference in crowd size coverage. What’s your guess of the crowd size at the One Nation Rally.

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I don’t know but Alex and I were just talking about great it must have been. I’ll forward the q to him as he’s been following the event.

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One Billion PEOPLE! Mwa ha ha ha ha! Or like a couple hundred thousand. Whatever.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Thanks, @JeanPaulSartre Ha! Yeah,m it’s almost the same thing—is the same thing to the anti-science crowd.

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Maybe a direct comparison will help those that are skeptical.

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Also, of course it doesn’t matter at all. Even if it comes out that Beck drew a bigger crowd, this just means that Tea Party members have less to do that working union members. The two numbers actually reflect nothing at all about issues that matter or who will vote for who. I would’ve loved to go, but I’m busy parenting, looking for a job, and spelling correctly.

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Let the games begin.

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@Jaxk Good find. After reviewing the photos and the analysis, I’m inclined to agree that the photo showing the empty field to the left of the reflecting pond was not shot at the heights of the rally.

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Could be. Or it may be that the Beck rally was a cloudy day (it was) and that’s why there’s no shadows. Hell I can’t be sure, I didn’t take the pictures. But I know the only way to compare the crowd sizes is with a complete picture.

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@Jaxk If there are no clear aerial photos of the One Nation Rally, then I am guessing its attendance was much less than that of Glen Beck’s event, and that’s why photos aren’t being shown.

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Eh – and regardless, the two rallies aren’t comparable either in audience, planning time, or time of year.

I’m betting that the John Stewart/Steven Colbert rally will kick the tar out of both of these put together…

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