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Help me find the Title of this Video/Documentary?

Asked by albert_e (529points) October 3rd, 2010

Way back in the year 2006, on the International Mother’s Day (must be 14-May-2006), I remember watching a series of documentaries on the Discovery Channel (in India) covering the various aspects of child development – starting from a newborn baby, to a couple of years of age—for example, how they learn to walk, how they learn to speak, etc.. These were each 30 min – 1 hour episodes shown back to back throughout that afternoon.

I remember being impressed as well as moved by these wonderful documentaries. Unfortunately, I do not remember the exact title of these videos or who produced it.

Appreciate any help in figuring out which exact series this was. I am very much interested in getting my hands on this whole series—I cant even think how I can start searching for this stuff. Know of any documentaries that fit this description?


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I do not know about the series you mention but if you enjoyed that try this movie called Babies

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Where they the Robert Winston programmes? Try typing in Robert Winston BBC he did a programme about children born in year 2000 too

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Thanks all, I am checking out all the titles you have referred. Sound very good.

The BBC documentary ‘Child Of Our Time’ (mentioned by @sakura) seems to be the closest – but I am not sure.

Any idea if I can write to the people at Discovery for this info? I looked up their contacts but only Advertizing contacts are available. Any pointers here? Thanks again!

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You could look at the suggestions or “people also bought”.... with the amazon link I sent previously. Or the lists at the bottom of the page. It might pop up. Worth a try anyways. Good luck!

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@albert_e he has also done a programme for the bbc about human anatomy and babies etc… I’ll have a google and bbci payer search for you and see what I can find

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Medicine in the Year 2000 Prix Futura Award, Berlin, (1975).
Your Life in Their Hands five series of thirty programmes BBC Television (1979–87)
Making Babies BBC 1, seven programmes (1996),
The Human Body BBC 1 series, eight programmes, (1998) National Television Award, three BAFTAs, Peabody Award, Emmy Nomination, BMA Gold Medal Award.
Secret Life of Twins BBC1 series (1999) BMA Gold Medal Award
Superhuman BBC1 series (2000), six programmes BMA Gold Medal Award, Emmy nomination.
Child of Our Time BBC1 series, ten programmes so far. (2000 Π2004)
Human Instinct BBC1 series, three programmes (2002) Emmy Nomination, Golden Panda Award
DNA: Threads of Life BBC1 (2002) Winner Paris Science Film Festival and Emmy Nomination
Walking with Cavemen BBC1 series, four programmes (2003)
Human Mind BBC1 series, three programmes (2003)
Mary Shelley: Frankenstein BBC 1 (2003)
How to Sleep better: BBC1 (2004)
Casualty: Transplant programme BBC1 (2005)
Story of God, three programmes BBC1 (2005)
How to Improve your Memory BBC1 (2006)
Child Against All Odds BBC1, six programmes (2006)

These are a list of all his programmes (from his official website)

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