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What is this song (again)?

Asked by bostonbeliever (383points) October 3rd, 2010

It seems like I’m always asking this question…
This time, the song is very modern hip-hoppy. It was probably released this year, and probably recently at that.
Part of the chorus sounds like “I feel like radio, oh oh oh oh.”
But Google doesn’t help me when i type that in.
Help, please?

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Razorlight-America lyrics?

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not a bad song, but no.
key words in the question being: “part of the chorus sounds like ‘i feel like radio, oh oh oh oh’ ”
just because a song has “oh oh oh oh” in it, does not mean it has “i feel like radio” or something similar sounding in its lyrics.

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Are you thinking about Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo

Ooops. I just re-read your question, and you said it’s modern… released this year. Couldn’t be Mexican Radio. Sorry.

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letting go, sean kingston feat nikki M?? my best guess

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thank you @brokensoul.
I figured out a while ago on my own that it was indeed Dutty Love by Sean Kingston.
But thanks for giving me the right answer.

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