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So, you can have dimples surgically implanted now. Would you have this procedure?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7978points) October 3rd, 2010


I might do it, but I don’t think that dimples would look right with my face. Any ideas on how much this would cost and whatever? I think it’s pretty neat, I wish I had however much money that it cost, too.

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Seems useless.I would have two extra arms surgically attached before I would get dimple surgery.
Can a dimple play piano and type a letter at the same time??? Huh??? I think not! ;)

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I generally regard cosmetic surgeries as vain and silly.

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Holy crap, really?! Haha I’m all for surgically fixing problems with your body if it benefits your health, but this procedure along with many others, I find kinda vain. I mean, what happened to being happy with your own body? Dimples are super cute (my husband has them) :) but I don’t and even though it’d be neat to have they aren’t necessary.

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I’ll pass. I’d rather spend the money on home improvements.

Here is a link to a plastic surgery web site that does dimples. Some of the photos look as if they’ve had a stick poked through both sides of their faces, IMO. There aren’t any prices quoted, but there is contact information if you want to get an estimate.

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Don’t need them thanks I have one on my left cheek already!!

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I already have them on my ass cheeks :-/ so I’ll pass…. How silly, complete waste of money IMO….

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That’s redonkulous.
Although, I might just do it so I can walk around and say, ”Hey! I had these dimples surgically placed on my face. And just what exactly have YOU done for your country, huh?”


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No. I don’t think that dimples are so cute that I hate not having them. My opinion on them is more of an unenthusiastic “eh, I could take ‘em or leave ‘em”.

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I would be embarrassed to have them. One day you’d just have them and people would question it. Besides, who wants dimples that bad that they would have surgery just to get them?

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Dimple surgery is enough. That’s just too weird. I can understand tummy tucks and nose jobs, but dimples? No thank you.

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If I had so much money to be bored stiff then I might have dimples put right above my ass cheeks, I kinda like the look. I already have dimples on my face for free.

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Dimples are cuter than boobs, as far as plastic surgery goes.

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no i wouldn’t to me it’s stupid

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@everephebe That’s true. Fake boobs look fake (and kind of lethal, because I always imagine that the doctor prepared them to be FemBots from Austin Powers, and they’ll shoot bullets out the nipple…).

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No! Your cheeks would be raw and bleeding! Swallow blood? No way. Much bloodier than getting your ears pierced which is painful enough, although briefly.

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I love dimples and wish I had them.. they’re adorable. However, if I was meant to have them, I would.. and a quick check in the mirror confirms that they would probably look weird on me.

I’d rather spend my money on getting the area under my chin tightened up (it’s like my neck and chin are connected and it’s horrid). I’d probably look at least 10 pounds thinner just by doing that.

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No, I have natural dimples. If I were to spend money on plastic surgery it would be for whatever would get rid of the dark scars I have on my chin.

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I have dimples, and seriously never give them a second thought. I can’t imagine that they’re so important to people that they’d pay good money and undergo pain (even if minor) in order to acquire them.

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No…..i definitely won’t! Haha. I’m not in favour of getting any surgery done unless it’s some sort of corrective surgery or something similar. You never know what could go wrong in these things, so to mess up a perfectly healthy and beautiful part of your body for the sake of something like dimples (just to use your example) doesn’t make sense to me, i’d be too afraid to take that risk.

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@aprilsimnel : Oh, about dark scars, I’ve been getting some treatments for the scars on my face. It uses lasers, and I’ve only been doing it for about six weeks or so, but I can see the difference already. Oh, and it isn’t just for black people, I know that the website has mostly black people on it, but don’t worry. I’ve seen loads of white people when I go into my appointments. It is kind of pricey ($400 a session wise), but I think that its worth it.

Here’s the website.

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Another thing to consider about getting fake dimples.. So, you get them done.. isn’t it kind of weird that you suddenly have dimples? Like, the new people you meet won’t know, but then if you establish a relationship and they look at any old pictures of you, they would figure it out.

I’m not sure how I’d feel if I discovered someone got dimples on purpose through cosmetic surgery. I try not to judge, but I can’t help thinking that I’d probably think them vain or something. I’m imagining a situation where I start dating someone, get to know them, and then I figure out they’ve gotten themselves some dimples. Honestly, I think I would find it pretty weird, at least at first. Not saying I wouldn’t get over it, but there’s a little bit of something about it that makes me stop and think.

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@MissAnthrope Is it really any weirder than when you go from a mild A to a serious C, or no longer have a gut, or now have hair growing on top of your head again?

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@papayalily – I am fervently opposed to fake boobs and I think their sudden arrival is almost as jarring. I say ‘almost’ because the face is such a prominent thing people look at, so anything you do to it is going to be more noticeable because people look at it a lot. However, I figure if it makes someone feel better to get fake boobs, that’s cool and I hope they do make her feel better.

The boobs, the hair, and the lipo, yeah, noticeable, but I am able to understand how doing those things might vastly improve someone’s self-esteem if the person is overly focused on that particular flaw. Dimples just seem so frivolous, I don’t know.

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