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What are the limits (if any) on freedom of speech?

Asked by Brian1946 (27736points) October 3rd, 2010

E.g., does a person have a right to heckle a priest during a sermon?

Does a person have a right to preach on a subway, or wherever they have an involuntary audience in a public setting?

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Personally, i say there are no limits. some people will say to me “what about shouting fire in a crowded theatre” well, thats not exactly speech is it, thats just yelling a word out because you are a prat. im talking about ideas and opinions. if you have and idea or opinion you have the right to say it at any time and place you like.

sure, get on the subway and start talking about anything, but dont think i dont have the right to tell you to shut up. do you have the right to heckle a preist durning a sermon, if he is preaching on the street, sure. if you are in his church, then no, not heckle at least. but you do have the right to stand up and disagree in a civilized manner.

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Free speech is more about opinions and being able to act on them. Saying something just to be stupid or mean is completely different.

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we all have the right to ignore

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Sure some dude can come and preach on the subway. I, however, have a right to tell him to shut the fuck up, as much as he has a right to preach.

I can, if I wish, interrupt a priest in Church, but it’s not my place and it’s a public establishment. Even if I didn’t get kicked out, I think it’s not really about one’s views or opinions, rather than it is about…respect?

That may not be. I suppose William Wallace wouldn’t have been a hero if he was a polite person. We have the right to say what we wish, but expect retaliation if someone’s coming home from a 12 hour shift, or if you’re disrupting a funeral with your bullshit. There is no question of ’‘rights’’ if one side is deemed more legit than the other.

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The limits on freedom of speech vary from country to country. No country allows their citizenship the unfettered right to say whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want, to whomever they want, for whatever reason they want.

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In Germany it is hate speech.

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