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Is there an odd commonality to your romantic partners you only learn of later in?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22622points) October 3rd, 2010

For example: I don’t watch tv sports, I don’t go to sports games, my partner doesn’t either but I didn’t realize this until well after we were a couple. When I think back then none of my partners have been sports people.

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Thinking back, I think the only things they have had in common were also things that I had in common with them (like same taste in movies and music). I don’t really think it’s odd though.

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They were all assholes.

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Oh my, fluther picks and changes topics tags now to help me look smarter than I am!

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They all liked to flail about like a wounded buffalo on the dance floor.
I’m crazy about that

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My first three boyfriends were all left-handed and color-blind.

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My first three girlfriends all had red hair and were Catholic.

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Non of mine were into sports either NOW I think about it too. Hmmm.

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They were all sociopaths? heh.

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@sliceswiththings: You’ve got some real contenders there!

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I just handed out a bunch of GA’s because there really are some GA’s up there^

All I can say is I made some very strange choices in my past!

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My current partner never tried coffee until he was 18. The guy I was with for a few months before him never tried it until he was 16.

I forced both to try coffee for the first time. Apparently I’m a coffee zealot.

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I’ve dated all different kinds of people, but they all liked football and family guy. Is it because those two things are comforting and familiar to guys? I just don’t understand the appeal. Other than that, they were all interesting people.

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All the women I’ve had sex with have had short hair, tattoos and big boobs.

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Nope. Everyone I’ve dated has been so vastly different from each other, I can’t think of anything they all had in common. I figure I’ve always been trying to find the perfect guy, so if one didn’t work out I wasn’t likely to choose another like him. I think I finally found him this time. :)

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Freud certainly sad it best. I married my mother and my wife married her father.
All the women I have ever dated seriously where Intellegent and strong willed.

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