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How do letters make you feel?

Asked by remambermee (442points) October 3rd, 2010

I like writing and receiving letters a lot. I feel like they’re a great way to get out what you can’t say. Do you think apology letters are the way to go?

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I prefer sans serif fonts, because I often trip or stub my toe on the serifs. And italics are usually so biased, always leaning to the right in…

Oh, wait. That’s not what you meant by letters.

I like letters, no matter what kind of font they’re written with. As long as the words aren’t cut from newspapers and magazines and pasted up on a backing. I don’t like those letters much.

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I’m a reader and a writer. I love receiving written words from others, particularly handwritten messages. I have kept every letter that has been given to me (save the notes that were bounced back and forth between friends because I was rarely the last one to receive them.) They aren’t organized, which is a shame. It’s on my imaginary to-do list, which seems to get longer and longer.

I have received apology letters before. It’s a step towards reconciliation, but I have rarely forgiven someone completely based on a piece of paper.

… to make a confession though: I have a letter I haven’t finished tucked away on a clipboard. When I started writing it, I dipped into a month-long depression. Then I found Fluther. Um. I haven’t revisted the letter since then. I might tack on an apology and deliver it to my friend sometime this week. Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

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I like letters. I like them for getting it all out and to have right there in front of you to go over, pick apart, put into sense, perspective, order, whatever. I like them for people to talk over and be able to come back to topic and not leave any out or glossed over. I like them for conveying without the interuption of tears, choked voices or wracked bodies.

Love letters are divine to re read, touch, be inspired by.

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Gotta write ‘em to get ‘em. I enjoy receiving letters that have been handwritten, and I write a great many myself. I also take the time to use nice calligraphy with cards that I send to people.
That said, I guess if a face to face apology were not possible, a letter would be ok. It would certainly give one time to figure out exactly what to say. Do you anticipate having to write a great many apologies?

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I don’t really care for them. No one ever hand-writes and mails good news. 99% of hand-written notes are of the following variety: a)I’m pulling a dick move, and thought you’d make less of a scene if I didn’t have to be aware of your reaction b) I’m pulling a dick move, and I thought we’d fight less if you had it in writing or c) someone has died.

If we’re in a place where you need to write it instead of saying it to my face (or voice), then a letter’s probably not going to get you very far.

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I love reading and writing hand-written letters. I have a few people I write to and that write to me and I love getting their letters in the mail.

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I agree with @papayalily Anytime I get a letter it’s either bad news, or a bill. I spend most of my working day writing business letters.

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I love them because it’s always exciting to get written letters in the post. For me anyway. Which hardly ever happens anymore since everyone started getting emails. I love writing them too because i just love writing (not creative writing, but the physical act of writing).

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I like letters. Sometimes it’s the only way to express a cogent thought; the other person cannot interrupt you. You have no control over whether or not the recipient reads it, but often the act of writing the letter is beneficial for the writer.

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I don’t like receiving letters. They make me sad no matter what the content. I like sending them though, because writing is the best way I can express myself

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