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Is it normal to be with your girlfrind and look at other women?

Asked by joevip (155points) March 30th, 2008
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yes it is. i can’t keep my eyes off of other chicks butts. especially when me and my girlfriend are out to eat. i always look at the waitresses butt and my girlfriend always catches me but she’s cool with it as long as i don’t run off with the waitress.

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Yes, It’s when you stop looking at other women that you should begin to worry.


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He can look as much as he wants, but it’s me that his hands are touching!

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ohhhhh i like that

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There’s a great story on This American Life about what testosterone does to a person. A staunchly feminist lesbian decides to become a man and as part of the process gives herself daily injections of testosterone at almost twice the level of a very masculine male. She describes how despite her feminist beliefs, she cannot help but objectify other women, staring at them with total lust.

So, yes.

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That’s a good one, KevBRO!

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woooooo ok so i am normal , cool

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I look at everything whether I have a girlfriend at the time or not. There’s something about women that I must constantly look at them and evaluate and picture them nude

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lol yeah me to i do the same

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I love This American Life!! And I totally back that up – I had one week of mysterious, raging testosterone, and was visualizing very graphic things about everyone from the ugly librarian to hippy check out gal…it was literally compulsive, some of the images were even like, “Ahhh! No! Can’t..stop…ewwwww”. So – I empathize. Furthermore, I happen to think sexy women are very sexy (ha!) and I look too. I think it’s fine as long as you’re a) not inappropriately drooling, which is just kind of meat-head, and b) paying sufficient attention to the lady you’re with. That’s all the women are worried about anyway.

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you are all open and honest, that will take you a long way. My ex was a jealous person but never admitted to it, it made my life a living hell if she caught me looking at another women. She said it didnt bother her but she would always try to embarrass me by going up to them and say is this the one you are looking at, it was an awkward situation. My current girlfriends dont have that problem, they even go as far as saying they would totally do a threesome.

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When you stop looking you stop living. From the movie Scent of A Woman.

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I think normal or not, most of us ladies would appreciate it if you’re discreet when you do it.

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Either that, or you can make a point to criticize the chick you’re checking out, which will give you more time to check her out.

“Baby, can you believe that girl thinks she can pull off those heels and a miniskirt?”

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