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What are you doing tonight?

Asked by zwingli (601points) October 3rd, 2010

What does the average Fluther user do before the beginning of the week?

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Get my worthless ass drunk and curse mankind while I watch epic movies about heartless kings hucking people out castle windows.

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Nursing a headache.

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I’m just about to get into bed with a book, cross my fingers that no children wake me up in the middle of the night, and start looking forward to my morning cup of coffee. I don’t really have to do anything to get ready for the week. The kids all go to school at different times, and pretty much get themselves ready in the morning. I just have to stand around in my bathrobe and remind them to brush their teeth or tell my daughter to change into something that matches/is appropriate for the weather/actually fits her. She likes to pick out the first top she sees and pair it with whatever jeans/shorts/skirt she finds first, regardless of how it looks or fits.

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@wundayatta Sorry to hear that.

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I will probably get some laundry done and hopefully Skype with @bob_.

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Watching telly with my brother while reading The Iliad for my World Literature course. I kind of forgot that I have four books (78 pages of verse) to read for class. No biggie :) Stanley Lombardo’s translation is quite amusing.

My brother is currently throwing laundry on my bed. Add “fold clothes” to my list of things to do.

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Working, as is usual for Sunday. I’ll go home after 9 and will find a tasty mom made dinner waiting along with my bf who will have waited on his own hungry tum in order to eat beside me. We’ll likely pop into the shower, give each other lotion footrubs then fall asleep while watching some Netflix.

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@Neizvestnaya that sounds nice. My wife is gone and has been so since Friday :(

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@zwingli: Call her on the phone and tell her you’ve been snuggling her pillow and using her towel since she’s been gone.

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Wish I was doing what @Symbeline is doing.

I’m sitting on the couch, resting after a nice bike ride through the hills with my wife.

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tonight? FIGHT CLUB!

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Uuuuuuuggghhhh…. I just got back from having sushi with my sister. Man, I eat less at Thanksgiving than I did tonight. My tummy hurts now….

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Eating bagels, bitching about the crummy ex, and freaking out my friend about the pic of Jesus her dog keeps barking at.

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@janedelila Zomg, bagels! Yummy, I wonder if I have some.

Oh, wait, I’m stuffed… nevermind….

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Watching Modern Family. People were right, it is really good…

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@papayalily with butter and chive cream cheese. Yummy and more. Plus there’s some Butterfinger bites in the freezer calling…

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@janedelila Unf. It’s a food-gasm.

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I’m resting this week end, after keeping the toddlers all week. I have gotten a lot of things picked up and several boxes of stuff in order, trying to clear out my sewing room for my second grandson. I going to make a bunch of baby quilts for the Linus Project.

I didn’t even get out of bed until 2 pm, so I guess I was short on sleep.

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@papayalily to be fair, I didn’t eat all day except for cheese popcorn, and I’m off tomorrow. So I’ll be eating til 2 or so. Unless I break into the Bacardi. Then food time is over.

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I’m canning spaghetti sauce right now.

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@annielorena Is that canning as in putting into cans, or canning as in the insanely complicated process involving heat and pressure and sterilization and preventing salmonella (I think…)?

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@annielorena Tomorrow is salsa day here. I got about 30 quarts going. We love our salsa!

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@janedelila I love home made salsa!

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@janedelila Care to share your recipe? I tried a month ago, but then I ended up getting jalepeno on my face…..

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@papayalily its not really as complicated as it seems just a long process, but yes using a pressure cooker to sanitize.

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@annielorena Ok, so why can’t you just put the cans in the dishwasher, put the sauce in the can, put the lid on, and pop it in the freezer?

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@papayalily That would be a much faster way, but this is the way my grandmother did it. Just kinda keeping up with traditions.

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And not much room in the freezer at the moment! It doesn’t take so long and is so worth it. Salsa is so expensive and I can put up that many for about 30 dollars.

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Relaxing with my new cat and off to bed soon.

A run around day and then a happy brownie Sunday. lol

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Ok I need suggestions. I’m bored out of my mind!

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@zwingli Watch tv/movie
Read a book

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Try Carrie. Prom dress, burn it some. Blood.

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I feel like I’ve done those all day. Maybe I’ll just try to sleep.

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TOnight am going to spend my night doing homework for the week, the earlier the better I understand and get done with my homework. What a fun night ey?

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sundays are my favorite! i used to have a great routine that involved drinking but i’m back to my usual (which i prefer much more): finish cleaning up, shower (and shave), do any leftover dishes, watch my shows (most importantly, desperate housewives and the 11pm news) and get into a freshly made bed, early enough to start my week off right! tonight got some extra added love: got to have dinner at home with a friend and cuddle and watch “sister wives” together!

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Hopefully do freaky stuff.

Skype with @Vunessuh.

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I’m assuming this question was intended for Sunday (last) night so, last night I picked my dad up from the airport (he had been on a course in Holland) and we then went out for an Indian meal. I don’t usually do that on a Sunday night but I do often go to my dads house for tea. Tonight, I don’t have any plans for after I finish work. I hope to be able to relax.

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Last night I had a migraine, it was thrilling.

Tonight I am making gingerbread Halloween houses with my boyfriend and my best friend, and at some point my brother, who was on the east coast but lives in California, will be arriving and staying for a night or two! I am super excited. Also I will probably have sex, drink a bottle of wine, and eat too much sugar.

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Your mom.


sorry, I couldn’t resist the set-up

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Tonight I have Italian sausage simmering in homemade sauce, pasta water almost boiling, and some to-be-determined vegetable on the dinner menu. Pumpkin pudding for dessert, then kids in bed and peace and quiet with a good book!

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9:32 PST and I just finished re-arranging my living room.

I am now sitting at my window with my laptop on a cool black table, flanked by a bamboo pod lamp on one side and an oriental lamp on the other. The effect is quite charming.

About to go for a soak in the hot tub and then…..lights out.

Awesome day and evening too, just perfect!

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