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"Do men ever ride on the back of a motorcycle while a girl drives?"?

Asked by bikerwoman500 (21points) October 3rd, 2010

Do men ever ride on the back of motorcycles?

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I’ve seen it a few times only with a dude driving. Never with a woman. I can’t wait to, though!

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I don’t think so. Nope, never. Well, maybe sometimes.


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But arent woman capable??

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Welcome to fluther, by the way….Think you’ll like it here. I do.

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I have seen men ride on the back of a bike with a women driving.

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Cool question. One blond chick who worked at the same plant I did (we were the only 2 from our area) was giving me a ride home when my truck was mangled in an ice storm wreck. I didn’t have my own vehicle for a little while and she would usually pick me up in her truck but one day it was very warm (for the time of year) and she told me she would pick me up on her Harley, I felt somewhat uneasy about it for some reason and used my grandmothers car to get to work that day then I eventually brought another truck. Was I a coward here?

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I’ve never seen it, but if I did, I think I would cheer. For both of them. I’d call that a guy who was secure in his masculinity.

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I have never seen it, I have done it my self though, but on the back of a quad bike when I was about 15.

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I have taken my husband on the back of my scooter. But when we stop I tell him to put his feet down because he is a lot bigger than I am and I can’t hold him and the scooter up when we are standing still!

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My girlfriend in college had a motorcycle and we rode everywhere on it. I was cool with it as it was fun and all but she had really long hair that would whip back and felt like tiny bull whips in the face.

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It’s called riding bitch, and I have seen it a few times.

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I’d say it’s a cyclical occurance.

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I’ve seen this same question on a motorcycling form. No guys admitted to riding “bitch” on that website. It seems like a rare happening.

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Do they think it would impugn their manhood if they did???

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It is an insult of huge proportions to motorcyclists. Thats like wearing a dress in a biker bar, if your a man of course.

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Bizarre but not untypical.

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Only if she owns the bike and the dude is not her b/f or husband.

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I have never seen it, but I’d love to try it myself. (Probably someplace where none of my biker friends would see me. LOL) Any restrictions on where I hold on?

PS: I will add this… There is nothing any sexier than a woman who rides her own bike.

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