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What do you think about all these viral videos on the internet?

Asked by teejay0514 (285points) March 30th, 2008 from iPhone

My cousin made me watch the “2 girls 1 cup” video and the “BME Pain Olympics”. I was just wondering if you have seen these videos and what you think about them. I think these videos are disgusting and pointless what about you?

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These videos can be disgusting or pointless but there is always somebody to watch them jnowing what will be seen. If they enjoy it let them watch it.

In my point of view, the first one is funny when you look at somebody watching it during the first seconds, at the begining they are enjoying it, but as soon as the cup “enter the game”, most of them make a funny grimace, or close their browser.

As said in French : “Tous les goĆ»ts sont dans la nature”.

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