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Any idea why I've been having "dizzy" moments a lot more lately?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) October 3rd, 2010

Before, when I got up too fast, or something like that, I’d become dizzy for a few seconds. I’ve found that for the past month now, doing simple things such as sitting down and having a good conversation with a friend at a table, I can get 5 “dizzy” moments that last a few seconds each time, over the span of an hour.

It’s really strange, I don’t understand why. I haven’t really been doing anything different than before. Anybody have any ideas of why this is happening, or any ways of preventing this from continuing on?

Helpful comments appreciated. =D

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are you in general good health and weight? a friend who is in good shape had recurring dizziness, turns out her heart had a very low pulse. Dizziness alone may be indicative of not enough oxygen being delivered to the brain, so it may be cardiovascular, and serious. please please please go to a doctor tomorrow.

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low blood pressure or low blood sugar?...

I agree with @zenvelo

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Do you keep hydrated? I was dehydrated one summer and was lightheaded / dizzy as a result. @zenvelo and @remambermee covered the other troubles that came to mind. If you’re experiencing dizziness that often within the same 24 hour period I would seriously recommend going in for a checkup.

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@zenvelo, wow, I’m getting scared.. I think I am in pretty good shape, weight and health. I will get a check up as soon as I can.

@muppetish—it is possible that I was dehydrated this summer, for I was doing Basic Military Training, and sweating almost 24/7 for 9 weeks. I suppose I also started drinking coffee a lot more than I did before… Before I’d drink it once a month, now I drink it once almost everyday… or pretty close to it.


Thank you for the heads up, I didn’t realize it could be serious. I was waiting for it to go away.

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Stay calm, don’t panic :) There are a few medical Jellies (doctors and nurses) around here and they may have better advice. For now, consider scheduling an appointment, stay hydrated, and rest.

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There are several things that could be causing it (like all the others have mentioned), the best thing to do is talk to your doctor. If you have anyway of checking your blood pressure (like at a local pharmacy), it could give you an idea of your pulse and blood pressure. I would suggest getting there and then sitting for about 10 minutes before actually checking it though, so you can get it at rest instead of while being active. Your doctor will also be able to check your blood pressure and he/she can run lab work to check your blood sugar and hydration status.

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sudden drop in blood pressure. could be from high blood pressure, skipping heartbeats, or several other things. Best to go see a doctor.

I had that, and it turned out to be a caffine allergy.

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Dehydration and not eating enough can cause dizzy spells. As well as lack of oxygen. I’d say nourish yourself some more and then if it keeps happening see a doctor. For now I’d focus on your intake.

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Some people start to get dizzy spells usually starting in middle age due to a disorder in the balance mechanisms of the inner ear. These are often fairly harmless (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) and can be overcome by some simple exercises.
If it continues, I’d ask your doctor for a referral to a balance clinic or specialist, preferably at an eye and ear specialty hospital.

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As others have mentioned, dehydration can cause it. So can inner ear infections. Have you been having any trouble with your ears and sinuses recently?

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Due respect to everyone on this thread, but you really shouldn’t be asking us—you shoud be consulting your physician. It could be many, many things, including a side effect of a medication. Call that doctor now and get this behind you.

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I would not worry but I would see my doctor as mentioned. I have experienced dizziness from a number of reasons. Recently it has been because of allergies. I have fluid in my inner ear and all that fluid can cause dizziness. I have also had vertigo but it usually is not serious condition.

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Even medicine isn’t a perfect science. Many things can cause dizzyness: Inner ear infections, sinus infections, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, underlying heart problems, dehydration, hypoglycemia….the list goes on and on. It is best to see a doctor…let them do the tests and order the blood work that would help determine what this could be about and recommend treatment to you that will alleviate the symptoms…that’s how you know when you have been treated for the appropriate condition….the symptoms go away. Even doctors treat for the wrong conditions only to have symptoms persist causing the need to continue investigation. You need to see your doctor and participate in finding the source of your issue.

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