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Can you think of that haunted house film title?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1423points) October 3rd, 2010

plot (roughly):
a group of youth goes to this house mansion, turns out it’s haunted.
a scare here, a scare there….
The girl (main character) develops a certain feeling… empathy with the house or whatever’s in it… Turns out the house belonged to this bloke (guy) who hated children or something and the phantoms in the house weren’t trying to scare anyone, rather ask for help (or play trickster…whatever.)
Last scene the girl is warped up into the….. uhm… column of children-spirits.
That’s it… more or less.
It was actually not all that bad as a haunted house/fantasy film, in my opinion.
Special FX were nice… interesting concepts (such as the little children-spirits manifesting in the wooden sculptures around the girls bed, changing expression and all…
And the big bad grumpy antagonist ghost’s face manifests in the ceiling..or the fireplace…something like that.
That’s all I can remember…
Can anyone help me out?
would like to know the title to see it again..
again, cheers… my fellow curios seeker-finders.

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