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What's the ideal amount of snow you would like to have?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 4th, 2010

If any at all.
I would like to have about two to three feet of it.

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I agree, my desire for snow is also in the two to three feet range.

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A foot/.3 meters is about all I can handle where I live. It’s enough to make it magical, yet small enough that I can still shovel the driveway. Our town only has one snow plow, and I think it is broken.

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If I didn’t have to go out in the snow then I would say one to two feet, but travelling on the roads with newly fallen snow isn’t good.

Looking out of my window at the snow on the moors is lovely :))

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Two feet (.67 meters) gives enough to work with for most outdoor events. With no new accumulation our roads tend to stay clear so travel isn’t a problem.

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None at all. I can’t bear the weather getting that cold. It only takes a few millimetres of snow for the British transport system to grind to a halt.

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We bought our retirement house with this in mind. Snow max 3 feet on the ground for no more than 4 days.
In April, I had to shovel snow off the driveway for the first time. I enjoyed it! I do see a time when it will not be fun, though.

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In Nashville, we normally have one really good snow each season. the amount varies from year to year, but the overall average is about 3 to 4 inches. believe me, in this city that’s all we need. the people here panic at the first sign of snow. they also cannot drive in snow.

I love one good snow and then i am ready for spring.

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Last year we had enough to shut my work for a couple of days giving the staff two free days off. Anymore than that would get irritating but the same again each year would be ideal. Who wouldn’t appreciate a couple of freebie days off?!

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I like a lot of snow but not too much where there is nowhere to put it when you have to shovel the drive. About 1 feet deep is a good as that is real pretty when it is that deep but not too deep where hiking in the snow is a major pain.

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A “blanket of snow”.

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6 feet. So I can’t leave the house. There is nothing I love more.

I will retract this statement when there is four feet on the ground in two weeks and I am miserable because it’s still October

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@deni You actually get 6 feet? Where do you live?

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@Aesthetic_Mess haha well when I lived in Pennsylvania I think one year when I was very tiny we got 5 feet and I was so happy. That also happened this year but I wasn’t there for it. Now I live in Colorado and we get a lot but it doesn’t last, it just makes everything wet and makes it deathly dangerous to ride my bike. But hopefully we’ll get at least one big storm that large.

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I love Pennsylvania snow @deni Isn’t Colorado supposed to be ideal for skiing and snowboarding etc

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@Aesthetic_Mess it’s so powdery…the first time i went skiing out here was like a totally different sport. we never had powder in PA unless it was machine made lol

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The more the merrier. I remember when I was like 7 it was so deep I actually got stuck in it in the middle of my yard. My brother had to come and rescue me. He brought my sled over and helped me get in. Then he had to pull me over to our porch. I lost my boots and didn’t find them until spring. If we could get that much snow again I would love it!

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A light dusting overnight that covered the lawn, trees, rooftops and parked cars for one day.

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Growing up in California, I lead a snow-deprived life. This was aggravated by children’s books depicting snow deep enough for snowball fights, snowmen, and snow forts.
Once, before I’m arthritic, I want to see waist-deep snow.
More generally, I want enough snow to close the roads, but not so much that it takes forever to go away.

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I grew up in Denver, Colorado and I got my full share of snow. I hate being in snow, but I like looking at pictures of it and I like seeing it on the Sierra Peaks outside my door (100 miles away).

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A heavy snow is much more fun as a child. One year, it was deep enough to build a snow maze in the front yard with the help of the neighbors. We used old candles to wax the metal runners to make a faster ride.

One year, there was a fluke snow in March right before Easter. My sisters and I made a sculpture in the front yard that made the front page of the local newspaper. It said, Snow Bunny Brings Easter Greetings. We had made a snowman in the shape of a rabbit the size of ‘Harvey’ holding a basket in its front paws.

The best experience with snow though, was while working in Washington, DC. It was during a restaurant’s breakfast service. Most of the staff was from Mexico, and one of the co-workers came in as the shift was winding down and said that it was snowing. One of the men, old enough to be my father, went outside to see snow for the first time. It was like watching a child. We finally gave up on him coming back in to finish off the shift, and I took his coat out to him. That is a snapshot stored in the mental photo album.

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