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What are some of your pet peeves?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 4th, 2010

When I work register at the coffee shop, I’ve found it reeeeally gets on my nerves when people order and then throw their card or money on the counter. I don’t throw your coffee and food on the counter. I set it down nicely or I hand it to you. Ok. This question may be an excuse to rant, but I’m curious now.

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People who don’t thank you after you’ve held a door open for them

People who say “Should of”, “Would of” instead of “Should have”, “Would have” etc.

Pointless live outside broadcasts on TV news, days after the interesting thing at that location has happened.

Christmas displays in shops in September

Unskippable “Don’t watch pirate DVD” warnings on DVDs I’ve legally bought

People who throw litter from the window of a moving car.

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Conspiract theorists that say “wake up” and “do some research” as if watching videos of the twin towers falling on youtube set to heavy metal music with shots of G. W. Bush in slow motion where to pass for research.

Commercials for airlines with people with wispering voices talking softly to slow motion images of flight atendants.

Commercials with famous people as a spokes person.

The “family values look”. happy families with bleached teeth trying to sell me something on TV.

Bleached teeth in general.

Absolute pointles nothing stories on the news, like who won x factor.

Justin Bieber or some other similar person breathing up all my air.

Politicians making strang hand gestures.

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I hate people taking their times doing everything.
Acting dumb on purpose.
People peeing on the toilet seat or leaving it up.

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Hypocritical people
asking me the same thing over and over although i am guilty of doing that to some people
when people leave their toothbrushes in the shower, and their razors
when people tell me to do something when someone else asks them to do it

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Driving under the speed limit.

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A freshly spit out piece of gum on the sidewalk.

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I work a cash register too, so when people throw 98 cents on the COUNTER rather than PUTTING IT IN MY OUTSTRETCHED HAND, it pisses me off too. I have no nails, then it takes me 10 minutes to pick up all 30 pieces of stupid change.

Also: loud chewing, loud breathing, snoring, unnecessary rudeness…god i have so many, don’t wanna go on for days…

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@meiosis (An aside….People write ‘should of’ (and I hate it too.) However ‘should’ve’ sounds exactly like ‘should of.’ Yeah…as a teacher it drives me NUTS!!)

When I pull up to a drive thorough at the bank, and it has four bays, but all of the cars are stacked up to go through the first bay AND they’re lined up all the way to the street so you can’t go around to get to any empty bay until the line moves. Then, when you finally DO get around, and people see you going through gasp! a different bay than ‘everyone else’ there is a sudden stamped to use the other two unused bays. Why do people do that? Line up one behind the other, like sheep, for no reason other than the other guy is doing it?

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@Dutchess_III I like using the tube gadget. It’s magic!

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I’ve answered and asked this question several times before, but here’s my latest pet peeve. Quarterly fundraisers by radio stations. It’s not the fundraising itself I mind—I know they need more money every year
and I’m glad to contribute.
What drives me nuts is that in addition to the week or so devoted to the actual event, there are two weeks preceding when the station promotes it, then two weeks afterwards when they thank you for participating. I understand the need for promotion, but lord -/ 5 weeks is a loooong time to have to listen to it.

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Duplicate questions on Fluther

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I’m not a big fan of people that take their time in the bathroom. I mean you shouldn’t be rushing either but today at lunch I had to wait for the bathroom for like three minutes! I was so close to being late to class! The kid that went out of the bathroom actually said “Oh look at how much time I used up!” sarcastically.

I probably have some others but I can’t seem to think of them right now…

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People who talk loudly on cell phones in public places (seems like it happens mostly in the grocery store), instead of excusing themselves to a quiet, private corner or going outside. Also, people walking across streets, driveways and parking lots while talking on their cell phones, oblivious to the fact that there are cars coming toward them. People talking on cell phones while they are in front of the checkout clerk at the store, while totally ignoring the clerk and not saying thank you to the clerk (and probably tossing the money onto the counter). Clerks in stores not asking “May I help you?” or saying “Thank you.” or not saying ” I’ll be with you in a moment” if they can’t help you right away. People who tailgate or weave in and out of traffic or flash their lights at you even if you are going with the flow of traffic and not driving in the fast lane. People that throw cigarettes and trash out of their car. People that blow snot rockets in front of you. People that chew with their mouths open or drag their fingers through their food to eat it instead of using utensils (unless it’s poi and that’s ok) People that simply cannot speak without using curse words, especially in front of little kids. Parents who can’t control their children. People who play their music so loud in their car that it shakes my car. People who stand too closely behind you when you’re in check out line so that they constantly bump or poke you, even if you try to move ahead out of the way. Friends who get mad at you when you say you don’t think it’s right for them to date a married man (they always have excuses for why their situation is different) Not having clear signage in businesses for which particular long line you should be standing in (it’s usually the wrong one) and having online forms not work when you’re trying to fill in the information. And having friends, relatives or businesses not call you back when they say they will, leaving you to change plans, spend more money or find another business at the last minute.

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@YARNLADY I can understand how you feel. You have been on this site much longer than I have, and am now reaching the point where I am seeing duplicate questions. I also had it pointed out once that I posted a duplicate question when I was new, and it was a bit humiliating. I wish someone had taken the time to explain the search function.

The challenge is that the instructions on how to best use Fluther are not the most user-friendly, nor is the search function, as many long-timers have attested to. Some questions come across as similar, yet they often have a different twist and are worthy of asking (again). Even when I read through new posts of old questions that are essentially verbatim, there are different perspectives from the new Jellies and additional insights from those who have responded to old questions.

One of the brilliant formats of Fluther is that no one is required to respond to every question. If a question is recommended, it can be removed with one click, and one merrily goes on their way.

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people saying r’s after any word ending in A like Idea’r

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People who have to drive aggressively or drive above the normal speed limit when road conditions are icy, snowy or just plain horrible. People who have to tailgate you when you are driving 35 to 40 miles per hour on a snowy or icy road. People who have to drive like idiots because they are in their oversized pickup trucks or suv’s. People who have to drive their 4 wheelers on the streets and allies with no traffic law considerations (though it’s illegal to ride them on any street period). People who have to wear their hunting vests, uniforms and caps with their hunting licenses no matter what time of the year it is and no matter where they go.

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@YARNLADY and @Pied_Pfeffer We had that same “duplicate question” issue on, and my stance here is still the same as it was there. First you get new people who’ve never seen the question before, so for them it’s not a duplicate. Second, if you want to post a question, but go look to see if there is one that has already been posted, and simply post a comment in the old one, chances are, no one will see it because they quit following said question OR they’re going, “this one is BACK??!” and you get no activity. I don’t see a problem with repeats. I really don’t. For those whom it bothers, just cruise past the “duplicate” question, like you said @Pied_Pfeffer.

Now, shall we debate evolution v divine creation? :)

Back to pet peeves. Today: when a clerk at a WalMart (or where ever) scans one…..item….. at…... a….. time when there are 12 identical items, and you know they can scan just one and hit ‘X 12” or whatever.

I loved reading all of the responses! They’re all different from the last time 47 times this question was asked. Ask on!!!!

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@Dutchess_III I am not objecting to the fact it is being asked again. The issue is the same as always – when there are duplicate questions, anyone who happens on one of them misses all the answers on the other one.

That is why I often say “You might be interested in the answers on _this_similar question” when I can match them up.

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@YARNLADY Well I may miss things on the old (of which, even if you post a link I won’t read through very carefully…not like I will on a question I’m currently following and participating in), but if all I focus on are the answers in the “old,” I miss things on the “new.” So, it’s a win-win (or lose-lose, however you look at it) kind of situation.

Another pet peeve I have. People who don’t follow recipes then gripe because it doesn’t turn out right. Like, they substitute sauerkraut for sugar and stuff….you know?? why is everything around here so sticky??

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