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What was the best (or most memorable) birthday gift you've ever recieved?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 4th, 2010

Pretty self explanatory. I’m just curious.

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I got an easel for my 8th birthday.I still have it. :)

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A year’s membership to a gym. I loved it, but couldn’t afford to carry on after the year was up.

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a super nintendo with a copy of street fighter turbo.

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A dingus replica of the Maltese Falcon, made from the mold they used for the original.

It’s the stuff dreams are made of.

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For my 21st birthday my dad bought me tickets to see Barbra Streisand! Best birthday present ever and a complete dream come true for me.

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A trip to New York City.

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My 14 yr old took my old beat up first electric guitar and rewired it and re-stringed it all by himself for my most recent birthday! It was one of the best presents ever! ;)

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16th Birthday!
My LG-Netbook for school. It’s convinient and fast and light-weight!
And my camera for Christmas cause then I started making youtube videos.

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My parents are both extreeeemely creative and artistic so I have always gotten really awesome gifts, usually homemade, from them. For my 18th birthday my dad made me a piece of stained glass that says “deni” in cursive (exactly how I write my name…I wrote it on a piece of paper many times and he scanned it into his computer and made a pattern out of it) on a purple background, with 4 multicolored hearts in each corner. There are a lot of other colors on it too, because I love everything colorful. It is so awesome. I wish I had a picture to share.

When I moved out to Colorado in January, I brought it with me. I had it wrapped in bubble wrap and newspaper and a million other things and stupid me, when I got it here I stepped on it. It cracked in a bunch of places but nothing broke and it’s fine, but I still feel retarded for doing that. And I am.

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A small tin bank box that resided in Dad’s top dresser drawer. He’d empty his pockets of change when he came home from a business trip. When he passed away, all four kids wanted it. Mom gave it to me for my birthday a few years ago. My first words were, “Mom! Did you ask the others if it was okay to give this to me?” The siblings all nodded. And it still contained the change that had been in his pockets.

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@Pied_Pfeffer you’ve just made me cry!

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A trip to what was then known as Marriott’s Great America (now it’s a Six Flags) for my 12th birthday. It was paid for by a nice lady at the church I grew up attending. My family was quite poor and it was somewhere that I would never have been able to go to otherwise. That year I was just tall enough to ride the adult rides.

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2 years ago my friend wrote me a poem and gave me a small stuffed animal. It was the best gift I ever got because it’s the only one I’ve ever gotten that had meaning.

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A hamster named Samantha.

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When I turned 50, I got a self-powering watch that I bought myself.

They wrapped it, and I finally got something I really wanted!

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Whatever I’m fortunate enough to be given.

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I don’t remember getting much in the way of birthday presents, and am usually “compensated for” at Christmas. Last year, the only thing even sparsely related to me turning 15 was getting my learner’s permit.

Also, if I don’t remember what I got for my other birthdays, then they (hopefully) weren’t that special.

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For my 21st birthday, my mom gave me a trip to Vegas with a friend, for a 3-day weekend, including our stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. I took my first girlfriend and it was very exciting and romantic. We arrived, checked in, and went up to the room. As we were getting settled in, there was a knock at the door and we had no clue who it could be or why. When I opened it, one of the staff was outside with a birthday balloon bouquet, a bucket of champagne on ice, chocolate covered strawberries, and a card wishing me a happy birthday. I thought the trip was awesome by itself, but the extra touch of the balloons, champagne, and strawberries.. I was a bit overwhelmed at how cool and thoughtful my mom was.

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I’ve always said I wanted a red door so a few years ago my kids took the front door off and painted it a lovely cherry red. I love it. I plan to do the back door some year.

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By the time my 67th came and went, I couldn’t even remember most of them, and less likely choose a best.

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Mine was probably being able to celebrate it with my cousins, aunts, uncles, relatives, and grand-parents basically on the other side of the world. It was my first time seeing them (I’ve seen them before but I was to young to remember) but they treated me like I’ve been living with them forever. I know how cheesy this sounds but I really enjoyed it. The trip was pretty expensive so I doubt I’ll be able to visit again anytime soon.

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dad got me a vacuum for my 20th birthday… apparently my apartment wasn’t so clean! ha

then for my 21st, he bought me a beautiful diamond necklace (it’s the infinity sign but it’s two hearts instead of rounded ends) and 22 inch chrome rimes for my tahoe. i think he really wanted a boy.

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