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Is there something you can't function without?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 4th, 2010

I can’t function without noise, particularly music, but any noises will do. I need music to write papers for school, to sleep, to do almost anything. except maybe go to the bathroom and take a shower.
What can you not function without?

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my liver, or internet.

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@Aesthetic_Mess -I am the same way as you.It seems I have music on 24/7
I’m listening to this right now :)

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Besides the occasional sweet treat (i’m a chocolate/cake/pudding etc addict), i’d say lip balm – anyone who’s addicted to that stuff will understand. :)

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@lucillelucillelucille Do you use pandora? another site that’s better in my opinion is it’s like youtube but no videos, and you can make playlists and stuff and it’s free. plus there’s no ads

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@Aesthetic_Mess—I have tried pandora and will give grooveshark a try too.Thanks.:))

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Coffee. Go ahead, try to take it away and see what happens to your arm!

@Aesthetic_Mess -Thank you for that link to grooveshark! I’m getting my Billy Joel fix right now!

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@NaturallyMe : You should talk to Katawagrey about that!
Coffee for me, too. Absolutely.

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I can’t live without snuggle time. Yes, I’m aware that I’m a goob lol.

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@tedibear I can’t live without coffee either. If I don’t have it every morning I get a massive headache.

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Hot shower. All other things I could get by without and have. But when camping for a week or two I am pretty done with the roughing it part and walking through my front door given the choice of coffee, music, hot shower or even hot sex….I am jumping in the shower for a long long time!! ;)

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JAVA, brewed coffee and plenty of it. we generally make 3 to 4 pots a day.

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Coffee and love.

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I used to think my phone was a must have thing. But one day I got half way to work and realized It was home still on the charger and at 70mph was contemplating turning round to get it. I just kept going to the job dreading not having the phone. At first was a little weird but really it was nice not having it that day. So I guess I’m good.

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Affection! Yes i’m spoilt with it. A regular love magnet.

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I can’t function without coffee in the morning. Well, I could, but I don’t want to.

Can’t live without coffee and of course, cash…as I send out $700.00 in bills today. Aaaaah! lol

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I’ve toted around a litle black budget book got years. Couldn’t keep track of my finances without it.

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My best friend.

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@Aesthetic_Mess: I don’t get your drift. I mean him

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Cookies and milk at bedtime.

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My phone
My glasses

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A close shave and a hot shower every morning !!!

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Books, as well. There are books in bedrooms, bathrooms, and den/sewing room Also one in my car and a couple in the trailer.

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My meds. I literally can’t function without my meds that treat my bipolar illness and some other issues.

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I used to think so, but it turns out I was wrong. It comes down to food, water, air and sleep – that’s all.

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@YARNLADY Yep. If you take the question literally, everything but food, water and air (and shelter, at least here in Kansas) .... everything else IS a luxury.

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