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What does it mean when a manufacturer says it is a light manufacturer?

Asked by bippee (875points) October 4th, 2010

It does not relate to lighting products. Here is the website: They distribute nuts & bolts and say they are a light mfr of the products. Just what does that mean?

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usually assembly of components, toasters, keyboards, etc. some metal stamping or plastic molding or woodworking. As opposed to a steel mill or auto plant or oil refinery. Light infers less that the town industry. The term, I believe, comes from most zoning codes that classify the industrial/manufacturing into light or heavy industry and the need for proper zoning. In my hometown the heavy industry zoning is either along the state highway or the railroad. Employment is really not a factor, as a light manufacturing plant can have hundreds or thousands of employees. It the activity and the needed amenities that make the light versus heavy classification.

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They are usually (when you get down to it) talking about the mass of the objects they manufacture. A light manufacturer will be making small (light) things while a heavy manufacturer will be making bigger, heavier stuff. These sorts of places often make stuff to order such as fixtures and fittings for houses etc and the description gives you an idea of the sort of abilities they have.

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