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How many people are glad Rick Sanchez is not at CNN now?

Asked by woodcutter (16327points) October 4th, 2010

He says Jews like Jon Stewart are bigots now. He’s peeved he feels his boss thinks he isn’t up to being an anchor, only a reporter.

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Could you give us a link so we all know what we’re discussing?

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Here’s a link.

I didn’t understand his point that he was trying to make… the whole article/interview was kind of backwards for me.

And here’s the video.

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He is a clown. I am so glad he is gone.

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He seems to have some kind of chip on his shoulder. Perhaps a tad… unhinged?

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I was surprised when I heard that from him, I don’t care if he got fired or not, but he always seemed logical and open-minded when he was on TV lol.

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to me he seems like a grand stander. My wife can’t stand him and was upset when they gave him a prime time slot. He’s pushy. Grumbled that he’s being put down by the Jewish media mogul elites, and throwing the “B” word around like he owned it. “B” in bigots that is.
Jon Stewart is going to get a lot of mileage out of this, HA.

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@troubleinharlem- ty for bringing us that link

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Rick always allowed his mouth to overload his a**! He did it one too many times!

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I wonder now if the whole thing was a set up just to get out of his contract with CNN because he’s something lined up that he will slide into. I just can’t believe he is that stupid to do that thinking his job would be safe afterward. Or is he?

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