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What's the last thing you bought and said "this is a total piece of junk!"?

Asked by GeorgeGee (4920points) October 4th, 2010

Usually followed by tossing it in the garbage or out a window.

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My work computer, they were brand new last year and started having problems after a few months. I think they were just left over computers with windows vista that no one wanted, so they’re like, “Hey, just give it to the military.”.

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Gosh almost anything I have bought in the last 20 years seems like it was built to fail. Cars, computers, TV’s, refrigerators, clothes, shoes, etc. The only thing I have ever purchased and said “Wow! That was built to last was my TORO mower.

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Pur water filter that you attach to your faucet. Thing keeps on cracking and sprays water all over. Going to try a Brita next time. I will probably take the thing out back and beat it with a baseball bat Office Space style.

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A set of paintbrushes.
They went bald.
My paintings need a shave.

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@lucillelucillelucille Ok, is that supposed to sound like a double entendre or do I not know something about paintings and their brushes?

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Really? Truthfully?..... A vibrator. It’s not charging like it should. I emailed them, and they’re going to let me return it for one that isn’t DOA, even though they don’t allow returns.

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@papayalily -Lol! No,the brushes were low quality and the hairs dropped out as I painted,sticking to the canvas!

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@lucillelucillelucille Oooooh. Ok, that sounds so much better than the “painting” of a “cat” I was imagining. You know, I should probably just get laid so I can stop thinking about sex all the time…

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@papayalily lol. Thanks for sharing that. At least it made me smile. And go get laid. :)

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, it’s too early in the morning for me to have filters, so the occasional TMI will slip out.

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@Adirondackwannabe Have you seen some of those vibrators? There’s no way we can compete with that…...I think women only stick with us because we can also work and talk lol. If vibrators could talk, listen and work, they wouldn’t need us anymore.

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@Blackberry A vibrator can’t kiss me. A vibrator can’t smack my ass and call me a naughty girl. A vibrator can’t tell me how hard it makes him when I scream his name and wake up my neighbors. And a vibrator doesn’t have a tongue, no matter how many times we try to make them have one….

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Last piece of junk I bought was my coffee pot. I hate the darn thing. And it was made by Mr. Coffee, too – those used to be good!

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@papayalily this is twice in one day I’ve laughed my butt off at something you’ve said x) you amuse me lol

And to answer the question, LAWN MOWERS. Pieces of…son of a… no good… RAWR bout the time you get the darn thing going something else breaks on it ugh…

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A cordless iron. It hung out in the donation box for a couple of months, and I finally decided that it wasn’t worth burdening anyone else with it.

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Oh that tartan paint I bought just last week. Looks nothing like it says on the tin :¬)

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Bought a brightly-colored striped jacket, size large (which is normally too big for me, but it’s all they had), and I take it home and try it on, and it was too fucking small! That’s when I realized it was a girl’s jacket. :(

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A netbook.

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Movie tickets to The Last Airbender.

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A pair of tights i bought this weekend. They had holes in them, but i may still have a plan, so i won’t be throwing them out just yet.

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A shoe rack from Ross. I opened it up and started to assemble when I discovered it was basically made out of balsa wood. The damned thing snapped where it was supposed notch together

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A plastic golf set for the toddlers. One of the golf heads broke off, leaving a plastic with sharp, jagged edges. It’s a good thing I don’t let the boys out of my sight when they are playing.

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Many items my wife and i have purchased many items at yard sales. each sale is always “as is” and we try not to be taken by a lot of junk that people are trying to sell. i once bought an electronic bingo game. it looked really neat, sitting on the sellers table, in his backyard. i was told it worked pefectly. i had no batteries to give it a trial run, so i took the seller at his word. NOT! the electronic voice, calling the numbers from inside the bingo game, was in Spanish. i learned a lot from this game. at least i can now say a few numbers in Spanish. but, i got taken.

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Squirmee, it’s a toy that looks like a “Sea Monkey” but it’s only a piece of string with some thick pipe cleaner on it. Usually found at Impulse Counters and the packaging is very enticing to children… like Sea Monkeys were when I was little.

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A pretty marble cheese slicer. Only I tossed it in the sink and scowled.

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