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What's the one thing on your mind?

Asked by Loried2008 (1998points) October 4th, 2010

You know. That nagging little question… Or maybe something you’d really like to say to someone, but won’t or can’t currently. Maybe you’re just pondering someone else’s question here on Fluther. Let it out! :)

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How to get this fucking dv camera to hook up with my computer so I can download my old videos. I’m sure someone knows how to do this, but it is friggin’ getting my knickers in a twist!

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Honestly, the one thing on my mind is “am I pregnant”. It’s very possible and unfortunately I still have a few days before I really can test to find out. I’ve had several of the early signs of pregnancy, but I really want it, so I know it could also all just be in my head. I took a test yesterday (even though it was really early) and I think I saw a very faint positive line, but once again, it could have just been in my head. I am waiting very impatiently for my chance to test for sure…

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I wonder what it would be like to run away….

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Just why the hell did I miss out on that promotion? :-/

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Sex….....usually! That & the price of pork pies :¬)

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just my philosophy exam…pretty much the only thing on my mind…incidentally I should get outta here and revise!

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The $600 DWP bill I have to pay.

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I really need to finish this painting.

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Should I quit my job and just figure out how to make it in private practice? How will I handle the extra expense of paying for private insurance, though? UGH! My job is literally changing my personality for the worse- but I am stuck, for now.

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Was that my cat I saw? In mid June my cat Mistic went missing and people claim to have been seeing her. Only one person at a time would see her so for a while I thought maybe we were all seeing things but just the other day my friend her mom and I all saw the cat. She ran away from us so I’m wondering if it was my cat and why she would run away from us.

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Getting my mojo back. It’s been missing.

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What is going to happen next?

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Why trodden upon used gum on the sidewalks in the US turn black and in England they are white.

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How do I get myself back on the exercise trail? Here’s the thing, I know full well (in my head, not in my heart) that I should do this for myself. Right now, I can’t. It’s not something that I do and I’m not ready to commit to being able to do this for me. I’m scared to pieces that I will do the work, get in better shape and it will be another thing about me (physically) that will go unremarked upon by my husband. I lost 70 pounds and he has not said one word. I think I know why, but the problem is this: I’m scared that I will do the work, look as good as is possible and I will go unnoticed again. I feel like a part of me will die inside if that happens. I know it’s not in his nature to compliment, yet I feel like if I do this and receive nothing positive back, I will end up bitter. Instead of just sad.

Worst thing is that this is really eating me up and in so many ways it’s trivial. It shouldn’t matter what I look like, yet it does. I’m tired of being the one person that he can’t say something nice about their physical appearance. He doesn’t go around verbally lusting after people or anything, it’s just that here and there he’ll make a positive remark about someone on TV or in a movie and it hurts because he never does it about me. Obviously, I’m not good enough, so if I make the change and he says nothing, well, it will hurt.

Any comments are obviously welcome. @Loried2008 – I hope this doesn’t take over your thread, but please know that I appreciate the chance to finally write this down in a semi-concise form.

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@tedibear Aw you let it all out dear this was the point of this thread. Sometimes a man doesn’t know a good women when he has one :( Your post brought me to tears because, as a woman, I know how it feels to feel.. Inferior, not good enough, or neglected. You need positive re-enforcement. Him being your husband you should be able to openly tell him all of what you posted. I know it’s hard getting it going but once it’s out and he’s knows how you feel maybe thing will get better.

Men can be kinda clueless sometimes, maybe he has no idea what his lack of reaction has done to your self-esteem. At the very least I would encourage you to exercise for yourself :) It raises your confidence and even if he doesn’t recognize it you’ll feel better about yourself :)

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Why do men try so hard to act like they don’t like any women that weighs over 135? I know some just prefer the small women and I don’t care, but there seems to be an actual hatred of women (not even men) that are a little overweight. I know 400 lbs is one thing, but 5’6 170 isn’t bad at all (right?), although I think this is just a thing young guys do? But then I hear those dumb jokes from older men too?

My preference is bigger women, but I don’t actually dislike smaller women or make fun of them. Maybe they just have to try it out? I’ve been with both very small and very big women so I was able to make a choice of what I like and stick with it, but some of these other guys act like going any higher will get them fired from their job lol.

I have some ideas of the answer, but this has been something I’ve seen pretty much since I’ve been growing up. Media, society etc. I know small is in, but why make the extra effort to depict the ‘fat chick’ as undesireable, stupid, or the one that is the butt of all the jokes?

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If my partner is willing to do for me as I would for him and take better care of his health.

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I wonder if I will ever get to be with my love again.

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Gawd, my back aches- camping, booze, huge fire!!

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How fully will my son recover from his terrible stroke three years ago, and now, his broken leg. His past is gone, but what does his future hold?

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I’m seeing this person, but I keep getting the feeling that they don’t like me very much. So like, why is he still wanting to see me, or is it just me being off my rocker and interpreting everything wrong?

Of course I could ask him, but ya know…

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I’m wondering why I’m putting up with people who start things for no reason.

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Do the British government court officials really still wear wigs? I thought that was long over, but I watched Law & Order: UK today, and there the wigs were.

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@Pied_Pfeffer I was thinking the same thing last night when I watched Law & Order: UK.

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@YARNLADY wow…that is tough. And, to be so young!

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I’m thinking of all the things that I can do to prepare for my surgery! Things I can do that are in my control. Eating right, get as much exercise as possible, and getting pleny of rest.

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@Blackberry I’m 5’8 and I usually weigh 150 (165 right now because I’m pregnant) My husband actually likes bigger women and so it’s kinda thrown me off because I’m so used to what society tells me to be. I used to have an eating disorder because guys would hint that I wasn’t small enough for them. Now I’m with a man I’m worried doesn’t find me attractive because I’m not BIG enough… It takes constant reassurance for me to feel like I’m enough or I’m right for him. I think all women deal with this at least at some point in their lives.

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uh, what mind! If you find mine, please return it!

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What’s the point…

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How can the Earth accommodate 9 billion people in the future?

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