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Can you create a sequel to a movie that doesn't need one?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) October 4th, 2010

What to do:
– Think of a movie, any movie that definitely shouldn’t have a sequel. Whether it’s because it was just terrible or it wouldn’t even be possible or make sense.
– Create a unique title for it.
– Write a quick plot summary of the sequel.

The more obscure, weird, funny it is, the better!
You can even go for a prequel!

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Romeo & Juliet II—Zombie Love Forever
Subtitle: The love that wouldn’t die.

Plot summary: Typical zombie foolishness, ending with the ambiguous destruction of the principals.

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“Plan 9 From Outer Space” – Widely regarded as the worst movie ever made.

The sequel “Plan 10 from Outer Space” (of course…).

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Secret Window II – Secret Door
For her, he’d keep his killings in the background

Plot: Basically it’s Johnny Depp running around killing everyone this poor woman knows so she’ll clamp onto him, and then part one happens. Part three turns it back around and shows she deserved it. In part four he start a corn farm.

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A Nightmare on Friday 13th at Halloween. See Freddy & his bosom buddies Michael & Jason get up to no good in the neighbourhood. Gotta love em.

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Last Blood: Rambo vs. Rocky.

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Last of the Bohicans
Bend over: here it comes again.

A mockumentary of the failed Obama 2012 campaign.

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Hamelt Returns—from the unDead
A zombie, vampire ghost story about lust for power, greed and vengeance in iambic pentameter—just the way Shakespeare would have written it.

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The Merchant of Venice, CA
A Jewish greengrocer in California runs afoul of state agriculture regulations. Hilarity and anti-semitism ensue.

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STAR WARS 3-D, in which all of those silly, boring characters we all grew up with (regardless of our generation!) wind up sitting with us in our $12 seats.

Oh wait—Lucas is producing that right now!

Where’s the exit !!!

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The Return to Oz
Dorothy grows up in Kansas and reaches the psychedelic 60’s and re-discovers color. With a click of her heels, she’s back in oz preaching free love and rock and roll.

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BAMBI 2: The Other Great Buck Howard
Bambi, now elderly, learns that his mother didn’t die in the fire after all. She and a horny buck named Howard started it as a cover so that they could run away together.

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@Austinlad And it wasn’t actually one of those evil hunters that shot Bambi’s dad. It was Howard in disguise… ;)

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@YoBob—EXACTLY! Dad got bucked!

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Illegal Immgrant Kane: Before the Amnesty
A Canadian teenager uses his trusty sled to outmaneuver slow-footed INS agents in Vermont’s Green Mountains during a snow storm to slide into Montpelier and live quietly as an ordinary American before becoming… oh, you know… whatshisname, the director and movie star guy. (The amnesty appears to be spreading. What the hell was his name?)

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The Devil in Miss Jones.

Pretty much the same thing with more sex, and more thirsting agony. She still unable to climax by her own means.

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Sure, why not?

Armageddon 2: Everyone dies.
2012 2: Everyone dies.
Titanic 2: Everyone is a zombie because they all died in the first one.

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Howard the Ugly Duckling

Since he apparently wasn’t ugly enough in Howard the Duck.

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When we left the jury in the 12 ANGRY MEN, they had finally voted unanimously to acquit a young Puerto Rican boy of murder – having begun their deliberation with 11 believing him guilty and one lone holdout not convinced. After their verdict, they were proud of their service and confident they had made the right choice.

But having spent an entire day together on a sweltering New York summer day, they were totally sick to death of each and, except for two of them, wouldn’t even give their names to the others as they parted company for the last time.

The sequel begins with another act of extreme violence. After the trial ended, the judge was so pleased by what he called “an eminently fair and humane verdict,” he invited them to a picnic reunion. The jurors again voted unanimously – this time to take the judge out into the parking lot and beat him senseless.

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@Austinlad I’ve seen 12 Angry Geezers before, so this is pretty darned funny for me.

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Look who’s coming to dinner 2…. The president of the united states has some rednecks over for dinner

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Ferris Bueller’s dull day in school.

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Hangover 2
the guys go back to Vegas to figure out why there were chickens in their room on the last trip.

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Leaving Las Vegas Again
... this time as a zombie.

Oh, wait… this title lends itself to more creative wording:

Relieving Las Vegas
Zombies come to the city and piss on it.

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The passion of the christ?

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Weirder Science
Subtitle: More weird science.

This time when the boys make Kelly LeBrock, they also ‘enhance’ and then clone her. Several times. Hilarity and nakedness follow as naturally as boys follow girls.

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Fahrenheit 1450
This time we’re melting hard drives.

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@CyanoticWasp More like over-enhanced Kelly LeBrock. Maybe you haven’t seen her recently.

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@CyanoticWasp I actually considered Weird Science but it makes part one seem as retarded as final destination. Damn, I just wikied Weird Science and it turns out there was a TV series based on the movie.

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@filmfann They’re actually doing a Hangover 2 and will probably be set in Bangkok.

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The Godfather, Part III, The Sequel: Kissing Cousins

Sofia Coppola reprises her role as Mary Corleone, who returns from the dead to have more upsetting incest with her cousin Vincent Mancini (Andy Garcia) and to be even more annoying than before. Al Pacino returns as Michael Corleone to fall out of that chair, again.

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You know “The Return to Oz” is actually a real-life sequel…right?

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Pretty Woman Becomes Runaway Bride

Edward (Richard Gere) and Vivian (Julia Roberts) shack up together in a lavish Beverly Hills condo. Edward is frequently missing in action as he travels the globe conducting business. Vivian, feeling abandoned, takes up with Edward’s partner Philip (Jason Alexander) in order to keep better tabs on Edward.

When she discovers that she is pregnant with Philip’s twins, she tells Edward that he is going to be a father. He proposes, and together they plan a wedding fit for a hooker princess. At the last minute, Vivian jumps in a limo and heads to the arms of Barney (Hector Elizondo), the manager of the Beverly Wiltshire hotel and the only man who has treated her with proper respect.

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Ha, no, I didn’t realize but somehow I’m not too surprised that if there is a bad idea floating around ready to be made into a movie, it will be.

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Stand by Me, Too wherein we watch all of our favorite characters from the first movie live out the fates that Gordie already said they did. Also, somehow Keifer Sutherland’s character would have to get beat up a bit, because that seriously needed to happen to that character… I wouldn’t see this movie if it was free

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