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Do you find a particular type of meditation to be helpful for you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33151points) October 4th, 2010

There are many different ways to meditate. There’s the rigorous zazen, and the somewhat less austere guided visualization. You can take classes for transcendental meditation, and yoga can help. It’s possible to find mindfulness in routine activities and lose the extraneous thoughts.

What works for you? Do you find a particular kind of meditation better than others?

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I like to use a circular breathing pattern meditating on words.

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I have tried a few different varieties and all have been helpful in some way.

Yoga and Tai Chi both make me feel invigorate and tends to enhance the mind/body connection.

Hatha Yoga helps with mental clarity.

Your basic seated introspective meditation can be darned relaxing and is helpful in letting go of the daily baggage we tend to collect.

You are likely to get some benefit out of whatever form you choose.

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Yes I do find what I use to be very useful. I have CD’s that alter ones brain waves and puts you in a state of Rem/Zen quickly. These are very useful and when you first start using them they will put you to sleep. They also record your own affirmations on the CD’s so that you hear them over and over. They are in the back ground so you do not hear them outwardly.

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Taking a deep breath and counting to 10 works for me.

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Prayer is a form of meditation, and very effective for me.

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What @YoBob said-“Your basic seated introspective meditation can be darned relaxing and is helpful in letting go of the daily baggage we tend to collect.”

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Not really. I tried the “ohm, ohm” brand, staring at a mandala, but it didn’t work for me. I find staring into a fireplace, or watching my flowers grow works just as well. It’s mostly a matter of taking quiet time alone to reflect on my day, or issues that concern me.

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I find that walking meditations are the most effective for me. The key is clearing your mind, which often means just following it where ever it wants to go until it’s done wandering.

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….type of meditation to be helpful…

Very therapeutic! * Hic *

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Just wanted to second what @eden2eve said. Prayer is a widely practiced form of introspective meditation that many find to be highly effective.

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