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What hosting service does Fluther use for Django?

Asked by steven_elliott_jr (2points) October 4th, 2010

I am about to release a web application written in Django and have been investigating different hosting services. I was just wondering if the Fluther guys (Ben and Andrew, which happen to be both my kids names oddly enough!) might fill me in on what they’re using to host this awesome site. I tried to look it up in the ‘technical’ blog category but couldn’t find it.

Or if anyone else has good experience with a particular Django host please let me know.

Anyway, thanks!

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I believe they use Slicehost.

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Thanks, I was looking around today

at the Django Grid Container today from MT. Its a little expensive but it looks pretty cool. I know some people really love WebFaction too.

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We use Slicehost as @johnpowell said. Personally though I’d recommend Linode or Amazon Web Services. We’ll probably move to AWS in the future for Fluther and all my side project hosting is on Linode and AWS’s Simple Storage Service.

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