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Is there a website where I can upload my photos and add a rainbow to it?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 4th, 2010

I want to upload my picture and put a design rainbow(representing the gay flag) and have it blended to the picture(ex:like if you want the feature black & white, halloween feature,bronze feature,etc) if you know what I mean. I tried picknic but it doesn’t design it like I want it to be and I don’t feel like painting it either.Is there any websites that has the rainbow feature?

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I would recommend its a free to use online photoshop replacement. It has all the brushes etc so you can do your blending.

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You could also download GIMP, which has similar capabilities to Photoshop. It’s open source software. Which means free, if that’s the reason you’re looking for something online.

I’m not totally sure what effect you’re after, but I’m basically imagining a rainbow gradient layer blended into the image. Both GIMP and Sumopaint can do that.

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GIMP is good, pixlr and Aviary are good online editors.

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