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What are some of your favorite podcasts?

Asked by kenmc (11763points) October 4th, 2010

I’m looking for some interesting podcasts to listen to. What are your favorites?

Some of my interests/hobbies are photography, books, survivalism, story telling, travel, and learning. Recommendations along these lines would be great.

A small description of what the podcast is about would be very helpful, too :)

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Well, I donĀ“t know a podcast that focus on that, but for example The Young Turks, is a political show, but they also review movies, books and have fun stories. Check them out on youtube first and see if you like it. If you do then get the podcast at the tyt website.

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I subscribe to the stitcher{dot}com – Pandora for podcasts. Best thing since the invention of sliced bread, and it’s FREE!

My favorite podcasts are:

This American Life
NPR – Radio Diaries Podcast
PRI – Social Entrepreneurship
The Moth Podcast
NPR – StoryCorps Podcast
2nd Story
Story Worthyr

Podcast I’ve added recently include:

New Yorker: The Political Scene
Anderson Cooper 360 Daily
MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews
Double X Podcasts
Bitch Radio
Fully Engaged Feminism
An American Atheist
Mixed Media

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More NPR:

I like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and Car Talk. I subscribe to them on iTunes so I can load up on them for long car trips. Though, if I go for a while without going on a long car trip, iTunes informs me, rather forward of it, in my opinion, that it thinks I should finish listening to the ones I already have, before it gives me any more. I just tell iTunes that it is not my mother and that if I want more podcasts of the shows that it’s my business.

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Ted Talks lectures and teachings given by some of the sharpest minds in their respective fields.

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Do you like science fiction?

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Thanks guys!

@Rarebear Bring it on!

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Escape Pod
The Drabblecast
Starship Sofa
We’re Alive

I have others, but that ought to get you started.

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From Our Own Correspondent from the BBC is the best podcast out there, bar none.

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The Skeptics Guide to the Universe is full of interesting news, is lighthearted, funny, and can make you much wiser. This past week they covered things you should know to prevent getting an infestation of bedbugs.

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Stephen Fry’s Podgrams and David Mitchell’s (which I think is called Soap Box).

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Oh, if you like podcasts on skepticism I have a bunch of those too.

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