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Can anyone name related anime?

Asked by iRemy_y (550points) October 4th, 2010

my friend and i just got into anime and we just finished school days. now we’re having trouble finding something as good as that one. we want a drama, with no magic or anything like that. just down to earth stuff. we want it to make sense which basically knocks out half of anime. and we want it to be just as crazy as anime gets. any ideas?

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What about Samurai? Ninja Scrolls is great.

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you can’t watch them there but it has like a bajillion animes listed
and recommedations and stuff (: is like the place to go to watch. Veoh is great too. LOL
I use to be a huge otaku (nerd in Japanese if you didn’t already know) when it came to anime. xp hahaha

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The Twelve Kingdoms is one of my favorite animes. It’s a little slow starting out, but it makes up for it later on. It defiintely has some drama, but it does also have some magic elements (more like supernatural actually), so you might not really want to watch it. I’d recommend at least checking it out though.

Here is a list of animes under the drama genra according to Anime News Network. You can do a search of other genres as well.

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Another fantastic website anime fans should bookmark is My Anime List. Love the organization there. I wish they had a similarly structured page for general television and film. I would log-in stuff like crazy.

Nodame Cantabile sounds up your ally, though it’s more comedy than drama. The music from the series is fantastic (which makes sense since it is about music students.) Beck is similar in that regard and it’s pretty damn good.

I don’t know whether your thoughts on gangsters are, but Baccano! is another comedy/drama and it’s brilliantly written with an excellent cast of characters (... there’s a little magic involved, but I swear it’s nothing to the Sailor Moon extreme.)

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I recommend Shigurai Death Frenzy (it’s crazy!) and When they Cry Higurashi, or Monster, it has the most notorious bad guy ever! Oh, and if you’re looking for a good movie to watch, you should see Sword of the Stranger.

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First and foremost, I strongly suggest that you become a Troper. TvTropes catalogs the elements that go into a story and cross-references them with stories. They have a large section devoted to anime.

I always recommend Mahoraba to newbies, even if it is comedy.
“Case Closed” is a murder mystery series, and while it is often light-hearted, there is a lot of drama. Because people are murdered, usually in dramatic ways and for dramatic reasons.
“Clannad” has some drama, as does “Kanon,” though the latter also has some Shinto-flavored supernatural elements.
“Rurouni Kenshin” is a historical action/drama, with half-decent scientific backing for the bizarre stuff and a devoted fanbase. The author is something of an X-Men fan, though it doesn’t show in his art.
“Honey and Clover” focuses on the lives of a handful of college students. Can’t really say more, since I’ve only seen a couple of episodes.
“Genkishen” is said to be good; I have yet to watch it.

Senjou no Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles is set in an alternate-universe 1930s Europe, in the middle of a resource war. I haven’t actually seen it, but the setting is intriguing.

Perhaps less your speed is Time of Eve, set in the near future where humanoid robots are ubiquitous. It starts when the protagonist notices one day that sometimes, his gynoid goes someplace entirely on its own, and refuses to acknowledge it. Drama, light sci-fi, and a recurring nod to Isaac Asimov.

Miyazaki’s “Castle In The Sky” has some drama, some fanta-science, and a steampunk setting. It’s also Miyazaki, which guarantees a certain level of quality.

On the manga side, anything by Komi Naoshi. Like Mahoraba, I always recommend him to newbies. I don’t think of his work (oneshots, mostly) as being especially dramatic, but they are quite good. With the exception of ‘Apple’, which is just plain weird. The settings tend to be realistic with a tendency to edge slightly into the fantastic.

There is a lot of anime out there, but most shows boil down to the same few stories, regardless of trappings. I suggest that you experiment with the genres; you’d be surprised with what you end up liking.

* * * * *
I just read the TvTropes for School Days, and wonder how anybody could like a show full of infidelity and ending in grisly murder. O_O

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Higurashi no naku koro ni. A murder mystery. With lots of dead children.

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The real title is “Detective Conan” not “Case Closed”.
Watch it in the original Japanese with English subs.

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@ragingloli Thank you for clarifying for our poster. Mercifully, I first saw the Italian dub of the show, which kept the title and everybody’s names. I have deliberately and consistently avoided (and mocked) the English dub of the show, and the official translation of the manga.
Indeed, dubs in general. Ever since I realized that the English dub of Castle in the Sky put in cheesy dialog that wasn’t supposed to be there, it’s been subs or nothing.

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lupin the 3rd is a good one.

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i guess you could watch school rumble but that’s more a comedy then a drama

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Ouran Highschool Host Club~
Fruits Basket

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