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What was your favorite book/movie when you were little?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 4th, 2010

Pretty self explanatory…

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Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn by Sam Clemens were my favorites.

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Heidi. And all of the Laura Ingalls Wilder series.

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Really little? A child’s version of The Wizard of Oz and Ozma of Oz. For a movie, it was The Jungle Book.

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My favorite movie when I was 13 was True Grit.
they are remaking it now. Coen Bros. Jeff Bridges in the John Wayne role.
A lot of potential, but why remake one of the best?

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My favourite book was a small novel about some dude at school trying to solve a mystery about who was replacing the content’s of students lunch boxes with cigarette butts and garbage.
I don’t remember what it was called.

I also loved this French short horror story book I had, called ’‘The Call of Midnight’’.

My favourite movie was The Fly.

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@noelleptc I gave my young niece a video of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for Christmas one year. She requested to watch it over and over. My SIL would call me every weekend to lament about how she now has the movie memorized and hates Willy Wonka.

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The Dark Crystal

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This is my kind of question!

Beatrix Potter’s series (the first one I read was The Tale of the Two Bad Mice and I proceeded to check out the entire collection throughout second grade. Everyone said it was fitting that I read a “little” book since I was a small kid. But the vocabulary felt sophisticated on my seven-year-old ears.) I had still have a fondness for Benjamin Bunny. I also loved the The Wayside School series by Louis Sachar. Hilarious stuff. perfect for primary school kids :) I must have read these a dozen times before middle school.

I also loved Dr. Suess, fables, anything with animals (I would check out books on birds, dinosaurs, wild cats, manatees…) and I remember loving If You Give a Mouse a Cookie if only for the title.

Movies… I was definitely a Disney kid. The Great Mouse Detecitve was my favourite (of the “princess” films, it was Beauty and the Beast and we saw The Lion King ten times in theaters. Not an exaggeration. We have the ticket stubs.) I liked Tim Burton’s stuff too, especially Beetlejuice and PeeWee’s Big Adventure. Star Wars and Indiana Jones practically go without saying (my favourite from each is Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but The Last Crusade isn’t far behind.)

As for what my favourite television show was… I don’t think that would be difficult to guess :)

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Movie: The Halloween Tree

Book: Oh The Places You’ll Go

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I loved Fox in Socks.
And my favorite movies when I was a little kid was Wayne’s World and The Labyrinth.

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Phantom of the Opera, unabridged version. That is if the third grade counts.

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Cowboy books, especially Gene Autry adventures, Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm.

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How little?

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My favorite book was Ferdinand The Bull and my favorite movie was The Last Unicorn.

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I loved the book Heckedy Peg.

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The Neverending Story, Anne of Green Gables

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When I was little, I liked my Nan to read me Arthur Conan Doyle and Jane Austen. And my favorite movie was The Last Unicorn.

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Oh. And Tarzan, Lord of the Apes. And all of the John Carter of Mars series.

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When I was very young, my favorites were the Frances books by Russell and Lillian Hoban and Where the Wild Things Are. A bit older, I loved everything by L. Frank Baum and the colored Fairy Books by Andrew Lang.

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Very early on, it was Little Bear. The book. The Swiss Family Robinson (book) in later elementary, though I really enjoyed all of Heinlein’s juvenile fiction at around the same time. In my early teens, I was a dedicated Jules Verne fan.

Movie-wise, I must have watched 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea a million times growing up.. I watched it again recently, and I was saddened at how poorly it compared with my memories of it.

While not really my favorites, I did enjoy the Laura Ingalls books. Mostly because I was homeschooling at the time (5th grade) and it involved curling up on the couch with Mom and my sister and very probably some cookies, and reading them together.

@tinyfaery You are the only person that I have ever met who’s even heard of Ferdinand the Bull.

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When I was really little my favorite movie was Cinderella (the Disney one) with The Little Mermaid coming in a close second. This changed to Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride and The Neverending Story, as well as a bunch of the Christmas claymations. My favorite books were any Bearenstein Bears, @Nullo @tinyfaery Ferdinand the Bull, The Unicorn Treasury, The Rats of Nimh, The Castle in the Attic, My Side of the Mountain, and Maniac Magee. As well as the entire Redwall series.

There was also a book I loved but I can’t quite remember it.. it was something like “the plant ate my tennis shoes” or something? I can’t recall.

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There was a point when we were little when my mom would read to us from chapter books. They were far beyond what me or my sister could have read at the time and having to wait for her to read the next bit made it absolutely epic. She read us The Borrowers like that, but it was really The Dun Cow that left it’s mark on me. The book was beautiful with yellowed pages and gold foil on the cover and the story was so intense and terrifying to little me. Obviously I couldn’t get enough. I had trouble sleeping because of it. I think I read it at least twice when I got older. I’ve been meaning to track down a copy to read again.

I was never one of the kids that watched one movie over and over again, but there were definitely favorites. My sister and I mostly stuck to things we agreed on like Hold That Ghost and The Time of Their Lives. I loved The Secret of Nimh, but she hated it so I didn’t get to watch it that often.

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@fundevogel After I first watched The Secret of Nimh I hid a spare key in a hinged box with a scrap of paper that read, in nearly illegible print: “You can unlock any door, if you only have the key.” Mrs. Frisby was my hero. I haven’t seen that movie in a long time. Maybe I’ll go read the book during down time and then watch the film again :)

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@tragiclikebowie My Side of the Mountain FTW!

I just remembered that I read a fair portion of The Boxcar Children series in 3rd-5th grades. Not much for repeats, but it was good reading.

Also, Kon-Tki For Young People.

@muppetish—They’ve got a website, you know. :D

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@tragiclikebowie I can see my copy of The Unicorn Treasury from where I’m sitting. ♥

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@muppetish It was the rose bush and the Great Owl that killed me. I’d never seen anything so simultaneously beautiful and threatening as them. I watched it a few years ago with friends and it was still amazing.

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I absolutely love Pooh. Great Adventures of Pooh.

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Terminator 2 used to be my favourite movie at a time. I often used to watch it when i came home from school.

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The Lion King and The Aristocats.
My favorite books were by Dr. Suess. :)

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Favorite movie: Lord of the flies. I had problems. Crazy kid I was.
Favorite book(s): Corduroy and anything by Theodore Geisel. ;)

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The Lone Ranger!!!

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@MacBean Holy cow! I’ve never known anyone else to own that besides me! Yay!

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My favourite book was The Magic Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton.

I had a few favourite movies, these were The Neverending Story, Pollyanna, Annie, The Three Lives of Thomasina (I thought Susan Hampshire was so beautiful in this film) and The Lion King.

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Books from├čler

(see also )

like The Little Water Sprite and The Little Witch.

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The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (book).

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@lonelydragon Awesome! I so wanted to live in that museum.
Actually, E.L. Konigsburg wrote several of my favorite books.

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