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What does Tony Robbins teach people that is supposed to make you so successful?

Asked by cockswain (15254points) October 4th, 2010

I’ve seen his commercials for years, he of the large teeth and hands like bunches of bananas. I’ve never felt like buying his self-improvement class, but I’ve always been curious what he’s saying. He’s met with many world leaders, and is successful himself. What’s he saying?

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I’ve never attended one of his sessions, nor have I bought any books or tapes. I’ve caught bits and pieces when he seems to be on someone’s show, or watching infomercials. I’d be really interested in knowing what he sells and whether it works.

My sense is that he is selling confidence. Not like a confidence man, but as in giving people reasons to be confident in themselves. He gives them permission to do what they want to do in terms of life goals.

Yeah. I took a look at his training blog. Watch this video. It’s a perfect example of what not to do using the lessons he is trying to teach.

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I can tell you. For four low payments of $19.95. If you call now, I’ll take off one payment. That’s right, you too can have the secret for just three low payments of $19.95.
Wait, there’s more! If you order in the next ten minutes, I’ll throw in this weekly planning guide, so you can carry around with you tips and reminders that you will learn from Tony. It fits in your pocket or your bag, and there is a quote or maxim from Tony for each day of the week. Perfect for that spur of the moment inspiration! And if you’re one of the next fifty people to order, I will include this genuine re-touched photo of Tony shaking hands with one of FOUR world leaders! Now how much would you pay? This is a $400.00 dollar value, but it can be yours tonight for not $400, not $300, not $200, not even $100 dollars! All this can be yours for the incredibly low low price of just three easy payments of only $19.95. Supplies are running out, so hurry. Operators are standing by, call now.

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Every time I see such commercials I believe the bottom line is “I’m rich and successful, you’re not. So send me money, and I’ll be even richer and more successful, and you can go to hell”

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Tony Robbins’ stuff is based on a psychological theory called Neuro Linquistic Programming. He has taken the basic premise and modified it to make it feel more accessible to the average user and of course to sell books and make a ton of money.

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@SuperMouse Thanks, good link. How did you find this out?

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@cockswain years ago I had a friend who studied NLP in detail, she told me that is Robbins’ jumping off point.

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some have wise things to say think about it

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