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Has anyone else ever had more than one dream in the same imaginary location?

Asked by Artistree (922points) October 4th, 2010

I had a dream some time ago set in a completely dreamt up location. All well and good, until I recently had a follow up dream in the same location but a year later. In the dream I was aware it was the same location but at a different time and events in the second dream related to things that had happened in the first one. Never happened to me before and kinda spooky. Anyone else ever experienced this?

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Yes. I don’t know if I’m unusual but I have a whole crazy repertoire of recurring dreams. The same themes and activities over and over, but also, a lot of them take place in any number of completely made up locations. I’m pretty used to it by now.

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well yes, in a sense, but it was the same nightmare over and over for years, in which I made different choices but the end was pretty much the same, I die. Finally stopped when I decided to write it down.

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@lillycoyote Hi Lilycoyote. Thanks, sounds fun! This wasn’t a reoccuring dream tho. It was a dream sequal. It was a year later since the first dream. Different events that followed on from the original but didn’t repeat the events of the first.

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No, but I have woken up with gas pains.

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I’ve had dreams like that before. I actually have one dream that I have every few months and each time, it just picks up where it left off last time and I always remember it and this has been going on for more than a year now. It’s kind of weird, but something about it makes me feel good for some reason (maybe the familiarity of it).

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I’ve had kinds of weird dreams. I’ve stopped telling people about them.

I have had recurring dreams, “dream sequels” in different locations but never the same (one was a trilogy and entirely confusing), have returned to the same imaginary landscape (a theme park, several campuses, a house, and probably a few others), and dreamed that I was the same person from a previous dream (I often dream that I am not me.)

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Yup, all the time. I have, like, 50 different recurring places that don’t really exist.

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@Seaofclouds Sounds cool. These were feel good dreams too, about a music festival, was excellent fun and the second time around we found a better camping spot too, bonus!

@muppetish Do you have a favourite ‘not you’ that you’d be willing to share?

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@Artistree Yes, but it’s actually quite depressing. I was sitting with a few other kids at a table and there were oil pastels of vivid shades on the table. A boy asked if I wanted a rainbow like the one he had painted on his cheek. He touched the rainbow on his face and transferred the colours onto my own. The principal, or some other administrator / officer, pulled him aside and I felt certain I would never see him again.

He’s a lonely, sad kid. I wish I knew his name.

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That happens to me often. One is a place that is a combination of my house now, my childhood home, and the lakehouse where I spent my summers. I also have a dream that occurs in a place with a parrot cage that hangs down from the ceiling like a chandelier (different dreams, same decor). I usually have some awareness in my dream that I was there before and it plays out accordingly. Strange. Like the movie Inception…..hmmmmm.

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@Artistree Oh. No, I don’t really do the sequel thing, where the narrative of one dream takes up where the previous one left off. I get into bed, then the world in my head… well, it’s just never that linear for me. I wish it were. I could probably make a lot more sense of my crazy dream life if it was.

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Yes. I fairly often have “dream sequels” to imaginary places, imaginary cities, imaginary versions of places, imaginary situations.

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Yea, in a Japanese garden on a mountain top next to the ocean. the other one is in a nonexistent government building in Madrid called “the riot centre”. a small office like a bank, with employees behind a metal mesh. its a place you go when you are pissed off and want to riot.

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Yes, not often. Events were similar but new. The location was near a hybrid of real locations. Two houses stacked and modified.

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Oh, yes. I have a number of recurring locations that exist only in dreams. When one of them starts, I know where I am and know my way around. Often similar things happen, but sometimes it is a brand new experience in a familiar unreal location.

When I was young I used to have frequent dreams that took me to an immense and fascinating house of many, many rooms, with many staircases, hidden passages, cubbyholes, grand halls, complicated interconnections among rooms, and more. Then came a dream in which the house burned down. And I’ve never gone back there since. It felt like a real loss to me.

H.P. Lovecraft wrote a novel about a quest in a dream city whose geography only he (and the dream-characters) knew. I have a feeling he may have experienced this too.

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Wow I just Googled “each dream picks up where the last one left off” and this came up THANK GOD I thought I was crazy. Each night I go to bed and have crazy very long dreams and then the next night my dream picks up right where the last one left off. When I tell people about this they think I’m talking about a reoccurring dream but that is not the case. My dreams are in the same location with generally the same people but different things happen and everyone in the dream remembers all the previous events in other dreams as well. The best way I can describe is it’s like a sitcom (lets call it “The Sopranos”) same apartment same characters different stuff happening each time. It’s crazy and exhausting glad to know I’m not the only one.

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@Jeruba I have those kind of dreams too; frequently. I love them. There are at least three houses like that that I dream about. Many rooms, hidden passages, a third or fourth story to it I keep forgetting about; those top stories are always the grandest; and the one with the ocean in the backyard that I keep forgetting about. I love those dreams. Except for one house where there are certain rooms and areas where I have to crawl up a ramp or shimmy up a post and then cram myself through a tiny hatch in order to enter them. I don’t really like that bit and sometimes I even think: “Why hasn’t anyone ever built a flight of stairs and installed a proper door here. This ridiculous.” I’m so very sorry that your dream house burned down and you can longer explore it’s mysteries and wonders. :-(

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yes you have six dreams at night it is noremal but they mostly just bler togethr you cant reamember a thing. but rarely you do :]

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