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What is the most popular and wanted to play instrument?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) October 4th, 2010

So since I’m a drummer I was just sorta thinking since…Well I want to learn more instruments like the cello,Violin.guitar,sitar, piano and some others. But I want to know what is the most popular instrument and people want to play the most?

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Ever? No idea. I imagine that guitars (acoustic and electric alike) are likely the most coveted across all age groups. They are also easily accessible and not difficult to pick up. Among musicians, I wouldn’t know how to answer. I have friends who are die-hard violinists, flutists, pianists, more than one experimental percussionist, and the sort who dabbles in a little bit of everything from woodwinds, brass, and strings (oh my.)

There’s a guy at my university who sits outside playing the sitar now and then. He’s amazing.

I have an acoustic guitar, but I’m not comfortable playing it. I’ve been meaning to pick up my harmonica again, but haven’t felt motivated enough. Lately, I have been daydreaming about investing in a tenor ukulele.

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I would guess either the guitar or the piano.

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“I want to learn how to play ______”.

If I imagine someone saying this, guitar sounds the most natural.

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This last century? Guitar, due to the rise of rock and roll. Previously? The piano. Drums are also very popular, but you can have a song that’s just guitar and no drums – but there are almost no songs with just drums.

@muppetish And then there’s Sting, who learned the play the electric lute. My mind is still reeling that there’s such a thing as an electric lute.

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I’m with @downtide It’s probably either the guitar or the piano, or maybe a tie between the two.

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I’d say guitar or piano.

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I also say guitar.

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<—Drummer for a decade. I’m ready for the violin now.

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’‘the electric penis!”

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@BoBo1946 Watt? Ohm-my god!! Yes I see we have similar musical tastes.I myself love nothing better than playing with my organ! Even better with an audience :¬)

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@ucme Lmao….. yeeehaaaaaaaaaa!

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I would say guitar,then kazoo.

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Get a guitar and a harmonica. Both are very portable and very fun to play!

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@lucillelucillelucille glad i made you laugh….after all, that is why we come here…to be entertained!

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You’d be amazed by the number of adults I come across who have “always wanted to learn the harp”... but that contrasts greatly with the number that actually ever do.

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@harple I’ve tried my hand at many different instruments including the harp – that was actually the one I liked the best, and found the easiest to pick up. But I have neither the space nor the money to own one myself.

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@downtide Shout me if you ever want another go :-)

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@BoBo1946—I know that’s why I am here—:)

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probably the violin or the piano, besides the guitar and drums

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