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Any one know this sentence (I am in a french mood)mean?

Asked by leonpak (60points) October 5th, 2010

If someone say “I am in a french mood today” to you,what does it mean?

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‘I’m in the mood for love..’

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Pour moi, si je suis dans une humeur fran├žaise puis je parlerai fran├žais.

Usually when one says they are in a ____ mood, they mean they will partake in activities associated with [fill in the blank]. For example, “I am in a Muppet-ish mood…” would mean that I am in the mood for watching The Muppet Show :) Perhaps someone in a “French mood” feels like speaking French, watching French films, eating French cuisine, etc.

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It could mean anything depending on the person saying it. It’s possible that it’s a reference to some sort of romantic/poetic mood. When I’m in a French mood, I feel like embracing my artistic side :)

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It probably means something to do with a choice in food.

When we say “I feel like Chinese today,” and I assure you that we do say that, it means “Let’s go eat at a Chinese restaurant today.” I’m surprised no one else picked up on that.

Of course, it could also mean, “I feel like being incomprehensible and moody and hating everyone else for not being French.”

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