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How do I pack this into my luggage?

Asked by Zone36 (413points) October 5th, 2010

I’m bringing home some jigsaw puzzle from overseas and I want to put them in my check in luggage.

I really don’t want the boxes to get crushed in transit. The puzzles are already finished and flat in the box. I was thinking that if I put clothes in there until the boxes are full then they probably shouldn’t get particularly damaged from the average jostling between destinations.

Is there a better way of doing this?

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That sounds like a good idea. Padding inside the boxes will stop the puzzles from moving around, and make the boxes more crush resistant. You could also wrap the outside of the box in something to give extra padding.

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The clothes idea is good. I would also cut a piece of rigid cardboard that is snug with the box to put down before the clothes. If you could do the same under it would be even better.

Or two panels of Plexiglas and a lot of tape. Depends on how hard-core you want to get.

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Good luck. My suggestion would be to send them home via FedEx or UPS. If you can’t do that, make SURE that the ticket counter at the airport puts FRAGILE stickers all over your luggage. It may help. Depending on your airline, the ground crews don’t have a lot of time and end up just tossing luggage around.

Follow @johnpowell‘s advice about cardboard or plexiglas.

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Order pizza. Not actually a bad idea with the clothing or padding. And you get pizza.

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That’s such a good idea. I’d also wrap something around the outside of the boxes – towels or something. Good luck with it

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