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Anyone have Fluther as their homepage?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) October 5th, 2010

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I didn’t know you can set fluther as your homepage. I don’t have it now and wouldn’t set it later. I’m sorry Fluther, but I’m not that obsessed with you yet. Heh.

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NO.. I have it set to my Q&A site. I just do it to make sure it is up. I never read the nonsense people post. I just want to make sure it loads so I can get that sweet 8 cents per day from the Goggle ads.

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I have 3 homepage sites, all open as soon as I start Firefox. Fluther, and two Fluther email accounts. Heh. Good thing it’s my job. ;)

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At work I usually have Firefox load Google Reader, iGoogle, and Fluther. So it’s not really my homepage.

At home I have My Yahoo! as my homepage. I should probably change it though…

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@johnpowell I believe the multi-million-dollar everyday-familiarity company you are referring to would be, not

My e-mail is my homepage, as should nearly everyone’s browser, because it’s finally getting to where your e-mail is your real mail, and the other websites you are busy with are the e-mail. (Thought off of the top of my head, so please ignore.~)

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No, its Yahoo for me but now that you bring it up…

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Fluther is one of my homepage tabs on Firefox.

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