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When do you think we will have Quantum Computers?

Asked by philosopher (9165points) October 5th, 2010

I read this and found it fascinating.
If your interested. See the link below.

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We already have them. They just aren’t quite practical yet.

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Faster computer will enable researchers to find cures for polygenic diseases such as auto immunes diseases, cancer, arthritis, schizophrenia,autism and more.
This is why it matters.
These cures are what I pray for.

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@philosopher, I didn’t say they don’t matter. I am just stating that rudimentary quantum computers have already been constructed. They simply have not reached the point where they are practical.

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I did not think you were saying they are unimportant. I wish everyone understood why they are.
I wish people were interested in Science and why it is fundamental .
Computers will assist humanity in curing diseases and exploring the Universe or Universes.
Dr. Kaku believes that by about 2020 we will have such computers.
One day computers will be like paper. They will be part of our home. In our clothes, jewelry, and walls.

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They do exist already, but even just 4 qubits require terribly expensive machinery. How many qubits is Dr. K. aiming for in 2020?

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