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Is it fair that it's harder to get Lurve these days?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) October 5th, 2010

and how sad is this question

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If life were fair, we’d be living in Bangladesh and eating garbage.

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What’s unfair about it? I’m not sure I understand the question.

Besides, are points what Fluther is all about?

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What exactly do you mean by “it’s harder to get Lurve these days”?

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If you mean when certain users aren’t able to give you lurve anymore, because they’ve used their limit, then those are the rules and you’ll have to live by them.

Just keep staying active on Fluther if you want lurve that bad. How do you think people with 20K have done it?

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Two part question from you:
Part 1: Really? <shakes head, sighs>
Part 2: Very

Ah, what the hell, here’s some.

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How is it harder? Have I missed something?

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@truecomedian time to get off of the comp and find something else to do.

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I was reading this question. I stopped, glanced back at it. Stopped again and decided to kill mysel

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I really don’t think it’s hard to get lurve at all, so I’m not sure why you think it is. Does it really matter though?

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What’s the deal with lurve anyway? I’ve earned a lot. Then I analyzed Fluther’s mechanics, deduced that the rest of the website would be asking and answering questing and closed my browser.

I hear there is something to do with awards and mansions with more activity? Sounds hilarious and repetitive.

I guess I just don’t understand being addicted to a Q&A website.

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It’s designed to encourage new users and level the playing field. I think it is very fair.

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I don’t know about fairness, but I do wish the maxing out of lurve was handled differently (maybe quarterly limits or a higher max). 20 answers isn’t that many when you think about someone having spent a year or more on Fluther being a really great jelly with high quality participation. I personally would love to have more lurve to give out. But, you know, I won’t lose any sleep over it.

All it means is that I have to woo and impress the n00bs. ;)

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@MissAnthrope I agree. Once a user reaches the limit, there should be about a month until it resets and they can give out 20 more.

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As Tina Turner once said, “what’s lurve got to do… to do with it! :¬)

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@ucme And Usher answered with “Cause baby tonight, the DJ got us falling in lurve again”.

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Lurve isn’t what Fluther is about. It’s just a side-effect. I think it’s fair.

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Or as Nazareth sang: “Lurve hurts, lurve scars, lurve wounds and marks…”

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@ucme: Wouldn’t that be “Tina Tuna”?
Keeping with the theme and all.

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@cprevite Ooh you did a funny & best of all it tickled my funny bone. Certainly has a nice ring to it.

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It’s never going to happen. There are no easy lurve accumulation tricks. You have to work at it and you have to be good. It might mean that people find your answers useful, but it can not be used to compare you to anyone else. We’ve all been here different lengths of time. To think that it’s about the lurve is to pretty much miss the point.

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@wundayatta We aren’t even supposed to work at gaining the points at all. The user’s purpose here is to ask, answer, and be a part of a butt-kicking community, and that’s about all.

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They painted themselves into a bit of a corner. If they changed the rules people will bitch. I have 798 pages of lurve. My score would be a bit more if the limits were not put in place. But I am fine with the limits and I think it actually works well for the community.

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Getting it and having it added to your total are two different things. Like @johnpowell above, it’s possible to have far more lurve than your total score would indicate. I have 533 pages, so far.

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It has been like that. I used to like lurve so much that I once took it as my prime motivation here but now I realized that there’s something more precious than lurve here,it’s the content of the answer not the accumulation of lurve. Although I’m still addicted to point system in other sites as part of my habit to get ‘popularity’.

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Of course it’s fair. After you are on Fluther a little while and really build up the lurve you find you really don’t give a sh** whether you build up any more or not. Let the newbies enjoy it.

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@Fred931 There isn’t any “supposed to.” If he wants to get a lot of lurve, then that’s what he’ll have to do.

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I think I used get way more Lurve before, because when I first got here people didn’t know how much of a vile bitch I am. I sure ain’t gettin no more with this Longshanks avatar that’s for sure. :D

Also, keep in mind that the Lurve may not add up if the person giving it to you has maxed out their limit of Lurve to give, as there IS a limit that you can give to one single person. That may just be the problem you’re seeing.

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you need to have more new users add you to their fluther If you want more points… users can only give 100 points

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So if I give 20 lurve I’m finished? What about all the lurve I’ve been giving lately?
What’s luuuurvve got to do, got to do with it??

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@SundayKittens ; Each user can give only 100 lurve points to each other user, whether in the form of 5 point GAs, or 3 point GQs etc. I’ve maxed out on a number of users (but not you, yet, here ya go, GA) but I’ve barely started on others.

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YAYYYY!!! I see, so it’s per jelly. Phew. I just have so much lurve to give.

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@SundayKittens ; There you go! Be a Lurve Machine!

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You see people here hit 10k after something like 4 months now adays. That used to be remarkable. Now it’s not. So it seems to me that it’s easier to get the good stuff, depending on how you answer a question. If you want easy lurve, stay in the social section and answer with jokes.

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@kenmc I’ve been on Fluther for 10 months and I’m still a way off 10k. I’ll be surprised if I get it before my 1yr anniversary. And I fluther every day and I post a lot. How on earth do peole manage it in 4 months?

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@downtide I have no clue how they do it.

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I heard that the Super Lurve Fests happen after a major migration from another site like answerbag or A large influx of new users that are already familiar with Q&A sites that have reward systems.
Or you have to be Jeruba.

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hmm well I was part of the answerbag migration, I don’t think it helped that much.

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I was one of those people that did it in about four months. I joined May 2nd and hit 10K early September. I was on Fluther just about every day and answered a lot of questions.

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@Seaofclouds : And, of course, you’re quite cute and lurvable. ;-)

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@SundayKittens Really, you can give as much Lurve to as many people as you want – it just stops adding to their point accumulation after awhile.

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To quote augustlan:
“Sometimes you may find that your score doesn’t increase when you get lurve. This is because there are maximums that you can receive per answer, question, and person. We do this so that it’s more difficult to game the system.”
I was wondering if this meant there are rules in place now, that weren’t in place in the beginning, where all these people with 10,000 + got there lurve, that’s all.

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@truecomedian I just joined in May and those rules were in place when I joined. I reached 10K in September.

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@truecomedian – The folks who know the inner workings of the site better than I can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve been around for some time and the per-user lurve cap has been in place for as long as I can remember. With that in mind, I find 10k+ all the more impressive, considering how many people have maxed out on them and how many more they must have won over with their posts.

(as for myself, I am flattered to have made it this far)

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